• Loneliness

    That day I dream of: '
    staying in the heaven of love.
    Living in the longest day
    of first love'.... more »

  • Loneliness Love

    From the hour I have not been
    as others were; I have not thought
    as others saw; I have not brought
    my passions from a common summer.... more »

  • Loneliness Love Life

    From the hour I have not been
    As others were; I have not thought
    As others saw; I have not brought
    My passions from a common summer.... more »

  • Long Love

    Longer Love
    Longer love
    And in our lives love's hour
    There whispers still the gentle... more »

  • Love

    When I knew him.
    I found myself the pool of flowers:
    roses, tulips, orchids ect..
    Awaked me in the naive thought.... more »

  • Love For You

    I painted you a desire thing,
    With years about a love;
    I little thought to find your love
    A least a dozen more love;... more »

  • Love Life

    The lovesick tree that you planted.
    The lovesick leaves fall all over the garden.... more »

  • Love Life- -

    Hold fast to love
    for if dreams love
    Life is an unbroken-winged lovely bird
    that can fly.... more »

  • Love Me

    Love me for the hard worker,
    For my pleasure eyes and face,
    Nor for any money that I had
    Love me for the true love... more »

  • Love Moment

    The flowers are blooming
    to let you know Spring are coming.
    My love comes from the Spring
    with sunshine, sky and cloud that... more »

  • Love You

    Love you I sent the romatic poem.
    Know you when I read your great poems.
    The whole love of our wishing &
    so beautiful as the roses.... more »

  • Love, Love Again?

    Love, love again?
    On nights filled with lovely stars,
    or during reddest maiden brightness
    or afternoons of love.... more »

  • Love...

    I like here thinking of you: —
    The beauty of love
    Is upon the world!
    Yellow, red, pink... more »

  • Loveless

    Let me not to marry the loveless mind
    Admit perfectly; love is not love
    That he likes evil mind
    Or bends with the scissor to cut or kill:... more »

  • Lover

    I do not know what I will
    say to my lover.
    With my whole heart
    for the moments only be... more »

  • Lover (Adult Content)

    You thought of me as lover.
    Wanting to touch me if I want to.
    Biting my breasts with the tender's love.
    Kissing me a lot of time,... more »

  • Lover's Eyes

    The blacks of your eyeballs
    Are beaming with the most sacred feeling
    Summoned and stirred by
    The great secret implicit within.... more »

  • Loving

    Even though the happiness is present
    It will hold forever
    thinking of the lovely time together
    all words that we can say... more »

  • Loving Me


    Like a dragon of red scented fruits
    Drifting along the dank Cano of San Diego,... more »

  • Loving Me...-Adult Content

    A soft kiss on my cheek
    then my eyes, my breasts

    Leading my soul with pleasure... more »

  • Loving Song

    //09/09/2012 @ 4: 54pm
    Across a brown door
    The warm breeze burst from above the skies
    Nothing is existed... more »

  • Loving You

    The yellow moon under the sky
    through cloud, through stars
    guiding my thoughts
    to you, my honey.... more »

  • Magical Moment

    I stand next to you of the Spring
    Starting to know
    we apart or together
    We are on the Spring.... more »

  • Men

    Man is sitting in the backyard
    Three men sit on the porch, swinging
    On a bench, smoking cigarettes... more »

  • Mid-Night Haiku

    The moonlight, skies,
    stars are calm mid-night.
    Nature stirs and sighs... more »