• A Perfect World

    A world that is perfect
    sees no pain
    life is made of love and games... more »

  • A Second Chance

    The first time their sight touched
    Their stare was deep and full of lust
    Two people fell in love that night
    Into her dark lonely heart his love brought light... more »

  • Anger And Love

    I am really hurt
    at times your a jerk
    you dont realise how much you kick me down
    yet I still choose to have you around... more »

  • Dedication To A Good Friend

    I Just thought I'd write
    to let you know
    your an amazing friend
    and our memories will continue to grow... more »

  • From A Student To A Tutor

    I'm not trying to be a teachers pet
    but there are things I've said which I truely regret
    I'm not perfect and want to make things right
    I hate that we cant talk withought a fight... more »

  • God Loves Both Sides

    Why do people let their word be controlled
    people are blinded to politics
    what happened to love thy neighbour
    the medias brain washing young minds... more »

  • I Ain'T Afraid Anymore

    Why are you laughing
    whats the joke
    why are you grinning
    who is a fat dope... more »

  • Life Is A Journey

    Life must be lived to the full
    live each day as if it were your last
    you must appreciate what life has to give
    from first prize to the smell of freshly cut grass... more »

  • Life Through Memory

    Sorry I had to leave so soon
    sorry I could not stay
    God choose my time to join him
    if you want to talk to me all you have to do is pray... more »

  • Soul Upoun The Earth

    Release my soul
    Take me away
    Show me the world
    Im just one day... more »

  • The Broken Boat

    The vast empty space was my sea of tears
    the lonely boat was sailing for many years
    the river was the flows of vinegar that rusted the boats coated paint
    the howling of the wind was the sadness trapped inside... more »

  • The Dance

    Floating under the starry sky
    Dancing to the moonlights twinkling eye

    Shuffling of the trees, singing sonds... more »

  • The Time I Discovered Myself A Poet

    I wouldnt say I was patient
    but I have an interest in poetry
    Is it the dawning of a new error
    or will the sky be grey... more »