I am an art student at Limavady College in Co.Derry. From the age of thirteen I have been writing poetry. My poems are usually inspired by experiences that I have gone though during my teenage life.I am a happy person that loves to live life to the full, I see life as a journey....the path is not always smooth but the end of any journey is always worth the battle... I have won many poetry competitions in the past seven years...my poetry has only began to enter the adult world and my it is maturing as I am.
I am not a confident writer just yet and from this site I am hoping to grow more within my world of poetry as before I saw it as a hobbie...


Natasha Browne Poems

From A Student To A Tutor

I'm not trying to be a teachers pet
but there are things I've said which I truely regret
I'm not perfect and want to make things right
I hate that we cant talk withought a fight... more »

Anger And Love

I am really hurt
at times your a jerk
you dont realise how much you kick me down
yet I still choose to have you around... more »

Dedication To A Good Friend

I Just thought I'd write
to let you know
your an amazing friend
and our memories will continue to grow... more »

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