• Bad Dreams

    Bad dreams get lost in the humid air
    My hands run through your pretentious hair
    Some shades are seen and some walls are moving
    This new display it'll soon be ruined... more »

  • Can You Hear?

    Can you hear my thoughts?
    And if yes will you answer?
    I am ready to transfer
    In a boat of dots... more »

  • Death

    She has many names
    You can write them all
    On your wall... more »

  • Dig Dipper

    Dig dipper into your memory
    It has much to say
    Turn it every possible way
    It may start to glow... more »

  • Grief

    Do I reflect your grief?
    Or do you master mine
    Am I a villain, thief,
    Or someone who is dying... more »

  • Hold On

    Hold on to it - no matter how hard
    No matter how long, no matter why
    Hold on to it - don't let it fall apart
    Just as the sun holds on to endless sky... more »

  • How Dare You

    How dare you call me yours?
    How dare I call you mine?
    You're my infinite partner in crime
    I'm your ultimate memory ghost... more »

  • I Cross The Bridge

    I cross the bridge of happiness and sadness
    I see dark waters of my soul resign
    I'm on the bed of sanity and madness
    My skin as useless as a traffic sign... more »

  • Irreplaceable

    Irreplaceable to you
    Inaccessible to me
    A bird suspended by a tree
    An old surrendered to a new... more »

  • It Has To Stop

    It has to stop
    It's getting to intense
    The tears dropp
    Without making sense... more »

  • Last Door

    When the last door is shot
    In a desert the last stream of rain
    Is stopped I’ll be quiet
    For only those who say they know... more »

  • Look

    Look behind
    There’s a rock
    It has a face
    And it has a clock... more »

  • Mirror

    You look at me and you can see yourself
    Another life, perhaps, another scale
    But you will never make me cry or laugh
    And I will never make you win or fail... more »

  • Move Away

    Move away, so I could see the vessels
    In the shallow waters of my heart
    Tear tortured memory apart
    I am no longer your apprentice... more »

  • My Loneliness

    My loneliness is not at all your fault
    And not at all your sin is my desire
    You run from me or so I was told
    By those who would never call me liar... more »

  • Name

    What is a name? I own many, still
    It's only one you want me to reveal
    The one that's hidden in my mother's soul
    A tiny secret with enormous role... more »

  • Nothing

    Nothing is nothing in nothingness room
    Invocation prolonged by the blooming in bloom

    Restless is resting in restlessness space... more »

  • Rules

    You have your rules
    And I have mine
    You wear shoes
    I wave a sign... more »

  • Say Yes

    I can say yes, I can say no
    I can move fast or take it slow
    I can submerge myself in reason
    Or lock myself for life in prison... more »

  • She Is A Lady

    She is a lady
    Lady-like she's turning steadily
    The light
    And comes to rest... more »

  • Shift

    For quite a while I have served the self
    With limited and limitless ambition
    But on the verge of losing all I have
    I disobey the rules and pay tuition... more »

  • Stop

    Stop thinking of me - I can feel it
    Stop looking for me - I can come
    An angel possessed by the devil
    Stop talking - I'll always be numb... more »

  • The Laws

    The wall between the mind and the matter
    Is still a part of an evolving game
    But even when I feel it's getting better
    I'm still surrounded by everlasting pain... more »

  • There's No Need

    There's no need to close my eyes
    In order to see you again
    The truth may be full of lies
    The pleasure is full of pain... more »

  • Tigress

    Wait for me, I'm able to enter your dream
    Make me whisper, or talk, or perhaps just scream
    Cut my fingers or wrap them around your neck
    I am able to know all that you lack... more »