Natasha Romanova is a lead singer and lyricist for electronica/rock band called Discrete Encounter. She is a trained vocalist with a degree in classical music and a prolific writer of poetry and prose. Natasha was born in Ukraine, but currently resides in New York City.


Natasha Romanova Poems

How Dare You

How dare you call me yours?
How dare I call you mine?
You're my infinite partner in crime
I'm your ultimate memory ghost... more »

Say Yes

I can say yes, I can say no
I can move fast or take it slow
I can submerge myself in reason
Or lock myself for life in prison... more »

The Laws

The wall between the mind and the matter
Is still a part of an evolving game
But even when I feel it's getting better
I'm still surrounded by everlasting pain... more »

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