• Another Day

    Ask me another day
    when I feel like being your psychiatrist
    whose job it is to turn and twist
    you into a state of health... more »

  • Bittersweet Cloudiness

    And so the castles in my mind begin
    and i'm caught on his hot breath
    dangling, stretching, on every word.
    i'm persuaded by whispers... more »

  • Contemplations Of Wanderlust

    Whether the wanderer stays or leaves
    he will fulfill his destiny,
    and become what he has not set out for.
    The chatter of his youth will carry him,... more »

  • Late Night Ride

    Going for a while
    at 4am on the F train
    burrowing deeper it digs
    searching for the next bright light to run from.... more »

  • Stuck

    My night has tired again
    to an unengaging end
    and failed in a present lost condition.
    I devise a way to evolve... more »