• As I Walk In The Rain

    At night I lay awake
    And tears fall as I cry
    The hurt and pain my heart can't take
    Because all your selfish lies... more »

  • Have I Cryed Enough

    I lay in bed
    And a tear falls
    So many thoughs run threw my head
    While i'm surrounded by walls... more »

  • Him

    I can't never seem to get him off my mind
    Day in and out
    This love I feel I have no dout
    Sometimes we argue and get mad... more »

  • Only Seven

    I look in the mirror
    And what do I see
    I see this person
    Looking back at me... more »

  • U Take My Breath Away

    She walks by him in the hallls
    And he takes her breathe away
    ''I love u'' is the words she wants to say
    But they want come out... more »