• 60 Minutes

    For 60 minutes I've been staring out this window.
    collecting my thoughts, felling so alone, feeling left out.
    You are the first and last thing on my mind but there are more
    important things I am thinking of in between these 60 minutes.... more »

  • Battlefield

    I stand in the middle of your battle.
    Do you even see me there?
    I stand on one right and one left.... more »

  • Between You And I

    You feed me lies and i believe them.
    I tell you all my secrets and you reveal them.

    You point at my flaws and i deal with them.... more »

  • Differences

    My life goes fast,
    like a crazed driver.
    My love is pure.
    like a babies smile.... more »

  • My Letter

    Create me You did.
    Took me far and brought me down.
    Loved me and moved on.
    Protected me then shut me down.... more »

  • My Love No More

    Far from the valley and into the sea
    I see you there looking at me

    I turn to speak but you don't hear,... more »

  • Our Place

    How much further till we find a safe place?

    I look to the horizon and see a dead end.... more »

  • The World Is Behind

    I'm going further but I have left everything behind.
    I'm the only one moving and the world has stopped.
    There's no one here, all i have left is the memory.... more »

  • Tomorrow

    Tomorrow is another day.
    I see it coming but I don't see it pass.

    Tomorrow comes everyday.... more »

  • Uncommon Feelings

    Disappointed with happiness and the way it used to be.
    Unhappy with affection and the attention it fills within me.
    Uncommon feelings in my life come from the right side of my mind.... more »