I am a dad of two awesome boys. Currently separated, and finding my way. Taking a stab at writing has been helpful as I walk through the many changes I have been struggling with as of late.


Nate Carter Poems

The Cloak

This cloak I wear, by day and by night,
Though warm it not, nor its burden light.

It hangs on my bones, as a drunk female sailor,... more »

Just Say No

Ripping and pulling, this way and that,
Scratching and tearing, what’s got into that cat?

Never have I seen a small feline so queer,... more »

The Moon's Eyes

Through my window peers, the eyes of the moon,
Its pupils as shadows, dance through my room.
Weightless, sanguine, pure, and carefree,
Moon beams know not sorrow, nor fear gravity.... more »

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