Nathan Coppedge 10/23/1982


Nathan Coppedge is a philosopher, artist, inventor, and poet who lives in New Haven, CT. He is previously the author of dozens of books, including texts about his unique contributions to perpetual motion engineering and coherentist philosophy. His poetry and artwork has appeared in the small-print publication THESE Magazine, and his own self-printed 'chapbook' collection, called Inverse Threads (2004) .


I am one of two sons of divorced parents. My father is a political scientist with a Yale PhD, and my mother is a college valedictorian, homemaker and nurse with a BA in history. Other members of the family have been interested in computer programming and midwifery, and both my grandfathers are engineers.

Although I am equally interested in many other areas, poetically I am an Urban Romantic, modern with classical roots. I'm influenced by Roethke's theory of stressed syllables, Dickinson's energetic abstraction, Coleridge's 'sense' for sentences, and Blake's imagery. I have published widely, including the poetry books listed below. I also have been quoted in Book Forum and the Hartford Courant in relation to philosophy, and I am a member of the International Honor Society for Philosophy.

I have a wide variety of quotes which may be more famous than my poetry, so one option is to view the quotes page.

I also recommend visiting to view my perpetual motion webpage and a wider selection of publications.


Quotes (3)

'Everyone believes in God, the devil, or a sneaky engineer'
- quote by Nathan Coppedge, revised to its present state in 2014, as cited in Perpetual Motion Types (webpage) .
'Metaphor is the ladder to higher systems'
Nathan Coppedge, Nov 2014
'Categories are the standard of standardization'
Deceptively genius quote by Nathan Coppedge as posted on Twitter in March 2014, blog in mid to late 2013.

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