Nathan Coppedge Quotes

'Everyone believes in God, the devil, or a sneaky engineer'
- quote by Nathan Coppedge, revised to its present state in 2014, as cited in Perpetual Motion Types (webpage) .
'Metaphor is the ladder to higher systems'
Nathan Coppedge, Nov 2014
'Categories are the standard of standardization'
Deceptively genius quote by Nathan Coppedge as posted on Twitter in March 2014, blog in mid to late 2013.
'While they (other inventors) were floundering, he was pondering / 'No more wandering through the dark tunnels of grim determination / For no; it is time to grow in a thousand folded folds / For which we need an infinite fuel (such as perpetual motion) ''
- Eucaleh Terrapin, pseudonym for Nathan Coppedge
'The ideal aperture (to philosophy) is with miscellany'
This is perceived as the core of the Dimensional Philosopher's Toolkit, by Nathan Coppedge.
'The outer universe might be the inner universe, and the inner universe might be the outer universe, and there is nothing dividing these things. Either there is continuity or there is not, and in either case the universe is continuous or it isn't. Either case is expressed as an objective philosophical fact.'
- Nathan Coppedge, Nov 2014
'Two locations require a common application, and two applications require a common location. Apparently, there is continuity or there is not'
- Nathan Coppedge, Nov 2014
'I'm tempted to think that sadism is an economic problem, in the larger sense of the word'
- Nathan Coppedge (2014) .
'The world is clockwork in the distance. Existential vibe.'
- Nathan Coppedge,2014
'Matter is meaning, in whatever form it takes. In effect, things become more meaningful the more we have a capacity to interpret them. It is up to us to determine if the meaningful is meaningless.'
- -Nathan Coppedge,2014 and more added in 2016.