• (untitled)

    Like a moth to a flame,
    I cannot escape.
    These walls confine me,
    In a life without parol.... more »

  • A Broken Wing

    Like a kernel, the fluff I keep
    Inside untill I explode.
    So hard to see it coming, so
    Like a riddle to decode.... more »

  • A Friend To Keep

    I have a friend who is always there,
    Always at my side.
    Never once not tolerating the
    Rules I don't abide.... more »

  • An Empty Love

    Come be with me.
    Where the future takes us,... more »

  • Devil's Decision

    Don't tell me I have lost my mind,
    I know where it is.
    I sold it to the devil,
    In return for some sanity.... more »

  • Forgot

    I wait,
    And only for you.
    To show
    My love is true.... more »

  • Hidden

    I'll dream what I'll dream
    Because my dreams are free.
    But should they come true,
    Then what are they to me?... more »

  • Humanity

    One step back, two steps forward.
    Impossible to the pendelum,
    but still it dreams.
    I shall never give up... more »

  • I Am The Storm

    I am the storm,
    always unhappy,
    always the same.
    The rain is my tears,... more »

  • I'M Stuck In The Past

    For so long we were friends,
    we were family.
    What happened,
    we were no more.... more »

  • In The Battle's Eye

    If one should fall,
    And two should die...
    If three should fail,
    And four should fry...... more »

  • Killer

    Lost inside my self,
    Nothing but left turns.
    Confused by the world around me,
    Somtimes the confusions burns.... more »

  • Love Forbidden

    My love for you is a love forbidden,
    Entangled in the snake's vine.
    Should it ever be discovered,
    My world - no longer devine.... more »

  • My Idle

    Sometimes I get lost,
    But you always find me.
    I look up to you,
    And you look right through me.... more »

  • My Love

    My love-
    You do not know me,
    I doubt you will ever.
    My love-... more »

  • One Who Waits For Death

    You look towards me
    not at me
    and then go walking by
    I'm here, I'm shouting... more »

  • Promise Me

    Why do I fear the dark of day?
    Why do I fear the bright of night?
    Why do I get angry at what is?
    Why do I get angry at what will be?... more »

  • So Confused With Only One Question

    You know all that you think you know,
    So does the entire world.
    It will differ from day to day,
    Sometimes you won't get your way.... more »

  • Tears Of Acid

    I am drowing in my sorrow,
    And a round of beer.
    I am choking with disgust,
    And electrified by fear.... more »

  • The Day I Will Be No More

    In places it is celebrated.
    In places it creates fears.
    In places it is forshadowed.
    In places it draws tears.... more »

  • The Power Of The People

    We've made it to space
    And deep undersea.
    We should be moving forward,
    Not left or right.... more »

  • Time By Time

    Each day I wait,
    Each time I cry,
    Each moment I fall,
    Each second I try,... more »

  • What Is Here For You?

    What is here for you?
    Not from me.
    Shelter?... more »

  • When I Wake Up

    If forever is nothing,
    And your love just a dream,
    When I wake up what will it mean?
    If you are the tourtose,... more »