Born in Washington, Nathaniel DeMay moved to New Yourk at before the age of 6 months. There he lived for seven years untill his more memorable move to California, one with two newer edidtins to his family. He lives there still, and shall soon go on to become either a bartender, pediatrician, or even phsycologist. In edidtion, he hopes to have a book published somtime before the age of sixty. Nathaniel enjoys many pastimes, such as reading, writing, studying spanish, playing basketball or running, and chatting with barious friends.


Nathaniel DeMay Poems


Like a moth to a flame,
I cannot escape.
These walls confine me,
In a life without parol.... more »

Devil's Decision

Don't tell me I have lost my mind,
I know where it is.
I sold it to the devil,
In return for some sanity.... more »


Lost inside my self,
Nothing but left turns.
Confused by the world around me,
Somtimes the confusions burns.... more »

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