• Above The Sleep

    Above the solemn sleep is a prize of potency,
    It is a film of address, a dressing so red and blue,
    While below, it sounds mellifluous to the finite ear,
    Like additional reward, little hearty news of delight.... more »

  • Abracadabra

    I seem to spell different words in a way,
    These signs are mine, too far away;
    Financial worries belittle my blackened life,
    Hosing the forest of black and brown so lowlife.... more »

  • Absent Food

    The absence of our food demands respect,
    Food on the plate differs, acting like deeds
    Of cows and children of cows often enough.
    These bereaved people are found steaming... more »

  • Absent Health

    Absent and abusive are the acquirers,
    Afflicting us when the disorders did pain us.
    Hiccupping and helping we are in adversity,
    That is heart-warming in this age-group.... more »

  • Absolute Wonder

    Why do we ask for them towards the gates of heaven?
    Why do the idols of disappointment, distress and difficulty keep our bulb?
    Why did the sacred decision join us when we do not hear and see?
    Why do the tables of judgement concave from the weight of the heavens?... more »

  • Academy

    The academy of commandments thumps by ideas
    Of a philosophical nature, then the field of words
    Lies full with crops, thanking the crows for not bothering,
    Minerals munched on believe they are present.... more »

  • Accept Nothingness

    Accept the farewell from the women of the clergy,
    Meals are in their own room, waving and wanting
    In steady health for the nothingness and right,
    Winning smiles and overall behaviour that smiles... more »

  • Accidental

    She went over us, after a while she halted
    And turned back, the same car had stopped.
    But where was the blood? It was nowhere
    To be seen. It was never reported even to say ‘beware’!... more »

  • Accumulation

    I see accumulation of actions in the admiration,
    Brought by you, silly, you!
    I forgave the coffeepot for its food,
    The counterplot took an enemy.... more »

  • Accursed One

    Fun has been ostentatious for being bright,
    A legion of worries takes strike at the light.
    No foolish certainty invades the Accursed One,
    Impeding you from the path or way of thankfulness genuine.... more »

  • Aches Of Mermen

    I am one of the aching mermen,
    Living within the certain cities undersea;
    The saddest part cried and died
    Before victory bit and lit the season.... more »

  • Acquisition

    I could just distinguish them,
    The street lights lit wrongly a ruin,
    The beauty of the night crept in
    Under all containers of darkness.... more »

  • Acrobat Of Bonaparte

    An acrobat creates a love too long,
    The aristocrat believes in some awful wrong,
    But where are the buzzards of the age?
    These dreamers defend the tasks to engage.... more »

  • Across Lakes

    Stride across the lake and stroll across,
    Placing your feet where there is nothing;
    Water attaches itself to humans. Humans learn
    To swim, and be happier with effervescent liquid.... more »

  • Across The Waters

    Across the waters I have come,
    A soothing song gathers its loss;
    The birds release a note of charm,
    Holding in their passion with wings.... more »

  • Acting Dead

    ... more »

  • Actions And Acts

    Actions are seldom seen to worry you,
    Those that twitch and harass are cumbersome,
    Actually they stem from the roots of animals,
    Underneath them reigns the authority of a king.... more »

  • Actively Arguing

    He is in this course of activity,
    Full of it, favouring it and condemning something.
    It was thus an argument, of hardness,
    And he shouted out too much.... more »

  • Actress Across The Waters

    Across the waters is an actress of acts,
    It reminds you of the theatre and all activity.

    Buy then her tale to earn each other formally,... more »

  • Acts Of A Professor

    I was a professor when people disliked the view,
    They were ideal guests, some distance up ahead.
    I like the weekend house of some importance,
    Gorgeous readings becomes bad business,... more »

  • Acts Of Losing

    The act of losing erupts,
    My agreement with the gods collects
    And the gathering of dust arises.
    My approval of the events... more »

  • Acts Of The Heart

    I have to derive pleasure from acts, acts of the heart,
    I decide what my apparition attracts, acts of the heart.

    See what disappears and what points out murder,... more »

  • Actual Goals

    The aims shudder for the playing,
    Real values are hidden for us;
    Yes, the guesses of the sportsman
    Act like themselves, fulfilling and snapping.... more »

  • Actual Moments

    They are like moments which speak and also utter,
    Like momentum has taken tread and moments are desires,
    Not lusts or rides of blessings, of blessed men and women.... more »

  • Actual Rain

    To anguish we are so actual
    In the rains of our weather;
    Puzzling with the splatter,
    We are plates for you and me.... more »