• Insane World

    In the world of insanity clearly the pains
    Number into the thousands, nothing
    Escapes the mind, nothing can.
    One word delves into another with gusto,... more »

  • Inscriptions

    Inscriptions read as characters, like the stars,
    Tracks of large amount show these pupils.
    It is laden with gold and temples, swamps
    So solid with gum and baubles, the loose mud.... more »

  • Inside

    Just inside the house
    Is a river so wet and runny;
    Just there stands feeling,
    After those feelings are more... more »

  • Inside A Sentence

    In this sentence our master replies
    With the same reply we think.
    To beleaguer him we trust him
    In his demesne, the reality of professions.... more »

  • Inside Bliss

    Desire the soul of fright that turns tonight,
    One sound created an entry of the highest;
    The demons are sparse and secret, without thrust
    Or trust their ruination speaks.... more »

  • Inside Love

    Inside love is another job,
    Emotional and dangerous is a session of love,
    For it is another job, and another love.
    Find its quantity, when you are near,... more »

  • Inside Me

    ... more »

  • Inside The Books

    It has been written of books,
    Inside them we singe our lips,
    Innards are displayed before the lap,
    Innocent layers must majestically and magnetically... more »

  • Inside The Circle

    Inside the circle of morbidity lies a call,
    With it the unwinding occurs to master us;
    Then gods of the city shall be of towns
    As they too become a conscience,... more »

  • Inside The Grave

    The next morning comes last
    It is next
    The real mourning lasts forever... more »

  • Inside The Love

    Inside love is a deed, the possessor wails and agonises,
    He or she flies to a spot of distress, and finally settles.
    Inside this deed called love, a settlement has become an
    Edge of a shape called Lustre; called also lust and lost.... more »

  • Inside The Mountain

    I looked inside the idols,
    Clapping their hands and legs
    With divine storms and triumph.
    It was a statue of the higher sort,... more »

  • Inside The Whale

    The poor gentry are ready,
    For punishment and prize,
    Reading and studying is their job,
    And I am mad to the duty of God.... more »

  • Inside There Is A Glow

    Inside the prison of woe glows a sculpture,
    Its only sounds are the chink-chink of keys,
    A glowing man is of the foundations and soul,
    The glowing man perishes inside the very hour.... more »

  • Inside This Vessel

    Inside my vessel called the mind
    I venture forth into many lands;
    They are reflected in the mirror
    As I stand and stare to fulfil myself.... more »

  • Inside Us

    Inside the flesh are parasites,
    Fully blessed for their bites.
    One invents the pleasure for the life,
    But bugs do not become your wife.... more »

  • Inside Words

    Inside a letter housed in a word
    Is an inner ink, going on a second;
    Offering pink notice that turns red.
    We read a picture of knowledge... more »

  • Insignificance

    Fading into insignificance is a trouble,
    We support the love of humans in some fuel;
    Yesterday, the lice of evil nature crept on the floor,
    With fading significance, without full beauty... more »

  • Insomnia Is At You

    Insomnia is stuck at your neck of ancient richness,
    I am struck by apologies from unique men and women;
    I, being the centre of personality and surname, am
    Somewhere, the rights of my soul are in your arms.... more »

  • Inspiration

    Ingenious inspiration quietens the nook of ideas so faithful,
    Assemblies of essays ceremoniously convene to provide the foreseeing;
    The roof fell down the next day to improve the landscape,
    Inspiring others in the field of work too extravagant, called building.... more »

  • Inspire The Tearful Man

    Inspire an adept man of workability,
    Thank him pleasantly like the pleasure of
    Throes of illness, like the tears of some stranger,
    In tight panicky moments so bleeding in the heart.... more »

  • Inspired Heart

    I have inspired the tracts of belief
    With beef that swallows and swings
    Like the beams of overflowing wetness,
    Filling the stomach sumptuously,... more »

  • Intellect

    Though the intellectual kind is a kind, we differ,
    For we differ, and detract from the distresses of war.
    This isle is beautiful like the eyes of the heavenly maidens,
    This mild illness will enter the winds of the faithful.... more »

  • Intellectuality

    An intellectual masters a work he owns,
    He is a very ardent man after death has occurred.
    With him is a vividness of talk,
    Entering nunneries and exiting monasteries... more »

  • Intellectuals

    I have never fancied the logic of a tomorrow,
    The future encompasses the reality in question.
    We are being endowed with experience of a life
    That creates shackles for its descendents.... more »