• Intense Hatred

    Intense showers of creation,
    By the One who matters,
    Have been never evil to my soul,
    Granting me a hatred of speed,... more »

  • Interested?

    Interest made a fond memory,
    Inside it heaves as an enigma
    Of metallic seizures,
    Of worm and cellophane... more »

  • Interesting Magic

    The interest was outwitting them by a long while,
    Drinking in a span of spells that corroded the shield,
    These spells hate you as far as the eyes can follow.
    Damned old spells! Snuff can be better than this,... more »

  • Interference

    ... more »

  • Intermix

    Intermix the polishing of a forgotten summer,
    The parson cools me after the furthest colour.
    Furtive numerals are held in the mind when furthest,
    Novelties of an oaf nurse on nothing.... more »

  • Internally

    Inside my body is a blood and gut,
    Just wonder why we learn so hard.
    Losing wins and winning loses,
    Pulling the threads of your clothing.... more »

  • Interrogate It!

    Gods have interrogated you after so many crimes,
    The real door is to us the burden to be disallowed.
    A bridge must be crossed, and to alleviate this suffering
    The reality of a gate in the next life is supreme.... more »

  • Into Robots

    Calculating men care less over pastimes,
    Classy people see defiant energy in us;
    Energy is transmitted afterwards,
    To see this link is greater than it.... more »

  • Into Secret Wishes

    One sees death about to fall into secret wishes,
    Often a pass of an exam is in store for the sands,
    The sights of heavenly bridges come forward,
    The reality of a ghost has arisen for the deep.... more »

  • Into Whining

    Into whining, into guessing, a day was guessing,
    More important than mahogany, but upstairs;
    Forming study, the question forbade us
    As the apartment of knowledge entered our minds.... more »

  • Intoxicated

    Your intoxicated soul is like your mind,
    The inner light draws nearer to the heart.
    In the secret of existence there lies an aim,
    The mysteries of the world are in silence.... more »

  • Invading The Hills

    The hill men shied from us,
    As natives they worked far too hard,
    Lax and unbearable, solid and concrete,
    The hills and mountains were their home.... more »

  • Invertebrates Are Not Us

    The whole of the kingdom has surpassed,
    The experts align to the facts that emerge;
    And those indications are numberless
    That make themselves clear.... more »

  • Inward Dreams

    Knowing me is like knowing weather, inward dreams,
    And solutions of the poverty and wealth, of riches and rags.
    My case is a subtle case, it conquers the cases of cases,
    For this is difficult on the horizon of design, of philosophy.... more »

  • Iron And Silk

    Iron keeps dirty habits when united,
    Followers of the metal shall be rewarded;
    The contestant proves his worth,
    After the judges and the judgement,... more »

  • Iron Lady

    She is an iron lady of dropping metal,
    Inside the brain easy is the stain too vivid.
    It succeeded for the mind became solid and well,
    Mentality stood firm in abundant health.... more »

  • Ironic Belief

    It is likely that irony collapses once
    Tremendous acts are unleashed to the public,
    Snowy Canada takes good effect,
    Snowy weather alleviates the moods of difference.... more »

  • Irreverent Conversations

    Irreverent conversations connect to these people,
    Their value of talking itself is never phenomenal.
    Understand me when I speak, the posture also,
    May two hearts mix to the exclusion of others.... more »

  • Irritation Of Gestures

    A gesture of irritation came out of gesturing,
    My broken voice was a malady for the downcast;
    Pointing to the other voice we heartedly sought
    A fictional promise so like the Alexandria... more »

  • Is It Beautiful?

    Everything is beautiful that has a box,
    My pleasure is beautified by layers of happiness,
    The beauty of a person in unity is obvious,
    What does the river teach to a man of heaven?... more »

  • Is Like Water

    Looking at a person is like water running,
    You please the senses by feeling peace,
    And when ice becomes itself you swear
    That men and women have dissolved into liquid.... more »

  • Is There?

    There were too many teachers in school,
    That the students and classes were cool,
    So much study,
    Too many hours of worry,... more »

  • Island Of Pleasure

    I forsake the pleasures inside this island,
    Catching foes and pigeons for my friends
    Who lurk in the caves for the rest of their lives,
    But why do they listen to the waters and streams?... more »

  • Island Of Vagabonds

    Vagabonds are eruptive on this island
    Like its crater, the volcano wobbles uncontrolled!
    Bigeminal beasts take trips on this isle,
    Anatomy making an appearance.... more »

  • Isolate

    The moral to stories which define reality
    Can feel much realer when sanity is designed
    Into a reading and writing of stories,
    Eachother they feel.... more »