• It Arrived

    What an educated change we deliver?
    Certainly decisions change the desire
    In the sense that plans are concocted
    That mock me and you. Jaundice... more »

  • It Comes Secondhand

    Hills are around for all the mind,
    Lull him the scarecrow so he flies,
    And whether he loved or hated,
    The hills are existing due to bad health... more »

  • It Happened In A Moment

    It so happened in the moment,
    A weird old boy looked into pleasure
    And found a brief encounter with me,
    I held him with a rope in the eyes,... more »

  • It Has Transpired

    I am covered in black grease
    Forever in a quick search for evolutions,
    This is my offering from eternity.... more »

  • It Hurt Him

    It hurt him when their hurt was big,
    The play of wining the food was to dig,
    As if dug were the drunkards,
    Face it the dragging creatures... more »

  • It Is Called Love

    Towards a house reigns a sight called love,
    Homes are burning with desire and from above.
    To this light there is a character to encourage,
    With discipline do this act, this is an advantage.... more »

  • It Is Called Time

    The entity called Time is a gracious wonder,
    Or do we say of everything the same way;
    Because of the energy and the commodity
    A Christendom bespeaks and lungs inflate... more »

  • It Is Cruel

    Cruel objectives spend their tactics
    On food and war, the splendour of amazement.
    The cruel work is continuous as lines in space
    When production of war is up to it.... more »

  • It Is Enough

    It is enough, what I felt,
    When hope was conflict,
    And I designed my body into rhymes
    To include my hope as love.... more »

  • It Is My Heart

    To long for me without yearning
    Lets me leave aside my job
    Of power and might, the same job.
    Your desire regulates the blood... more »

  • It Is Not Truth

    It is not your truth nor your willingness to truth that martyrs
    A man when he is in a state of bravery that excels others.
    It is the best of options to suppress the falsehood of criminals,
    If it is the tests of others then we must succeed in the mornings.... more »

  • It Is Simple

    Xylophones keep the music simple,
    Whereas sound produced actual
    Music. Music is like dance,
    And dancing is so like the devils;... more »

  • It Is Space

    Dim and indefinable is this place,
    It is hard to understand why it is Space.
    Of doubts is the black globe I am in,
    This is Space, the true odd reflection of life.... more »

  • It Is Strict

    A saw a star fall on the half we call the West,
    And then a star rose, farther than the eye,
    Faster on the space it travelled, kissing us on the face,
    Opening its heat and radiation, just in reliance of us.... more »

  • It Is War

    Dismount your horse when riding is no option,
    Create the gain to blame us of righteous action.
    Troops gather their steeds in heavenly waters,
    These sailors are the crew or staff with zeal.... more »

  • It Was Chaotic

    It was chaotic, disorderly and full of houses
    That swung and ran to the feet of their mad kindness.
    The treads were too narrow for them
    To place their whole bulk on them,... more »

  • It Was Delightfully Cold

    It was delightfully cold, and I understood the man
    Who was part dog, he wanted to reply to the whole
    Yard, where ferocious venomous tigers taught
    Their strong looks, into ditches they spread.... more »

  • It Was Eccentric

    If it was eccentric, it was to her face,
    She was having one of our spells,
    Forcing the pulls and pushes of a flick,
    With bravery too grey and silver.... more »

  • Its Glory

    Its glory shall be greater than the former temple,
    For glory reigns and shines down on your sensibility.
    Though whips and chains dazzle a ground to think,
    One sold soul is another offering.... more »

  • Jelly Of Hell

    For gels and jellies a goodness pleases
    Bellies behaving badly, without the little
    We took once an open chest of drawers... more »

  • Jenny And The Doctor

    ... more »

  • Jewellery

    Celebrated jewellery is a worthy sum of thought,
    It thinks and behaves with beauty as the skies;
    The shining sun enters the realer district like eyes,
    Feeding a frenzy as the alert victims stumble.... more »

  • Job Of Truth

    My job has been to persuade the jolly fellow inside
    To match one enigma with total warmth and joy.
    The real real pity has been mastering the jolliness,
    One is merry tonight and today in the inner desires.... more »

  • Joking

    ... more »

  • Jolly Ending

    The merry-making will have to end,
    Offered by the hearts of our lives.
    Your distinction collected from poverty,
    The parties of adventuring were absent.... more »