• Last Night Was A Struggle

    Last night a struggle fogged the shrinking land,
    The trees bowed from the sense of the way;
    You squint, I watch, as the rights of civilians
    Are discussed by the fogs and mists of the land.... more »

  • Lately

    A mammoth is late for the prize,
    Lazy, light and peering into deeds,
    For the age created us with its tusks,
    And the tusks would disintegrate.... more »

  • Laughing Dwarves

    Laughter and merriment was shaking heavily,
    Offering the apple of wisdom so he could fight.
    These thoughts unleashed would be a knowing right,
    Rights of a man would be a board of hope,... more »

  • Laughing Sight

    A laughing star gathers ground in the sky,
    My sky of thoughts and shooting ones,
    My apology to God, the ever-beckoner!
    Well-versed sages reside in the sky with words... more »

  • Laughter

    I felt as though I was in sight of laughing slaughter,
    The help to reserve for the weak and dying was overwhelming,
    But I felt I had seen the laughter of a hundred.... more »

  • Laughter Of One Nation

    That laughter in the face is absurd,
    My smiles are exactly matched.
    To hear a voice too dark and deep
    Left me with witchery and wizardry.... more »

  • Laureate

    A pillow rests under my head,
    The laureate is upon me now.
    He is not my latrine, nor my dealing,
    The work is supreme from him.... more »

  • Law

    Law is the actual good resulting from ill-health.
    Law has meaning on a master of the wealth.
    Law can collect a prize for those who have self.
    Law decides for the people who live with stealth.... more »

  • Law Of War

    The law of war is to strike a man’s innards
    Until he burgeons into another man.
    His trick will fool you, and reduce you,
    For smooth feelings are not to be retained by you.... more »

  • Layers Of Money

    I should discover my layers of country,
    As completely as my lord and company,
    To master the sins of my jealous foes,
    So I might think it proper to contain their woes.... more »

  • Lead Us Into The Earth

    ... more »

  • Leader Of Revolt

    Immense futility surrounds us
    With the battlefield of industry.
    Great efforts entail greater gains,
    But machines produce nothing.... more »

  • Leader Of The City

    A man in Bombay swept the roads,
    Each road spelt its name properly;
    The road was longer than the others,
    And he swung away at weeds growing.... more »

  • Leader’s Crowd

    The nutrition of a leader excels our estimates
    In the time it takes for resolution.
    One bulges and beats, frowns and dispels
    The virtues of a crowd that fights.... more »

  • Leader’s Words

    The letters of the words are expressions of audacity,
    Melting, boiling, collecting, and more than angry.
    The message comes from the leader who owns words,
    His conversation, his friendship are worthy of learning.... more »

  • Leaders Are Triumphant

    It is advisable that leaders are uneventful,
    Virtue of the indices keeps us apart;
    The events gave much anxiety inside,
    That leaders repair the knowledge and wise appeal.... more »

  • Leadership

    Leaders off those gifts surprise someone most
    On the day of departure as soon as possible.
    The executioner lazily rests his laurels not to be messed,
    Not enacting playing of soccer or rugby.... more »

  • Leading The Men

    They praise the orders of a man who leads,
    Yes, a prize awaits the worthy deeds;
    Foraging for trustworthy components
    The community is working opponents,... more »

  • Leading Us

    Return to the hills and village and town
    Where we live also, where learning is shunned
    And admiration works a little, because of me.... more »

  • Leaf Of A Doctor

    The emblem of a fruit takes on cures,
    Making me happy as a doctor of skill and precision.
    Learned and skilful, pressing on my shoulders,
    The other doctor vanishes then returns to diagnose... more »

  • Leaping Like Children

    Leap and dance to mourn for the young and old,
    How hungry it is for children to play so preciously.
    Sleep then, sleep like children and their guardians,
    Laughing will increase the hatred, like the very air.... more »

  • Learn My Farce

    You must not learn ugliness,
    When it peeps, and you peep.
    The drug for my anatomy is plain,
    Show this character a disease.... more »

  • Learn To Express

    I may learn to express, to explain and state,
    But learning is superior when late.
    The love of knowledge is greater than love
    And all its intricacies, all of the above.... more »

  • Learn To Love

    Love is everything you can dream it to be,
    It justly attributes learning to a select few.
    The like of it is not seen by dozens of generations,
    That wail and agonise over their blood,... more »

  • Learning

    Think for yourself also win also lose,
    A recipe I make for you to cook,
    A learned cake from sweetest curds,
    Some friendly book which keeps look.... more »