• Let The Baby Cry

    Let your life compose a melody,
    My baby is climbing trees by nine;
    The meanings of a tree are finely spoken,
    In silence is the music of solemn nature.... more »

  • Let The Beauty Be Beautiful

    Let the beautiful one be a sign for the distressed,
    Call those with beautiful arms and be carried;
    By amiable people we have fair weather and times,
    Their beauty is shone to the clouds very far away.... more »

  • Let Them Read

    I read the lines of a book of strength,
    Inside the leaves of the voluminous object
    Hides a rhyme and a ride of epic proportions.
    Hide their luck, hidden are their faculties,... more »

  • Let This Barmaid Be

    Let this barmaid show me a shadow,
    I am crazy with brocades and charades,
    Knees have shot and been crazy like wars,
    Fought by the willing weepers of late.... more »

  • Let Us Hope

    Let us hope the old days have eroded
    The days of some age,
    But at home a present sadly enters
    The house called happiness.... more »

  • Let Us Live

    Life is more like life,
    Death is a culture of the throat
    And its power is quenching,
    The soul masters the body when on arrival... more »

  • Let Us Talk

    Let us talk forming the thought so proud,
    I think to overpower, as to the learning.
    Deadly debate welcomes my friends,
    Reflect then on certainties and refutations.... more »

  • Let’s Have War!

    Let’s have war! You are unique,
    Indeed, the limits are set but you even have laws,
    Dictated by the environment,
    Just like a chain of narrators,... more »

  • Letters And Words

    I may twist a word into shreds,
    I may even curl them for humour,
    But never will a sentence come of absurdity.... more »

  • Letters Of Faith

    A Faith carries new meaning to anybody,
    Everybody knows this as the decalogue.
    But I believe in distruth and destruction, as
    Peace is too superior and I love no inferiority.... more »

  • Letters Or Feathers?

    A letter has run into feathers,
    The old image of letters are words;
    Keep the frock of letters a secret,
    How delightful a clean person this is!... more »

  • Letters’ Shape

    ... more »

  • Liar - Land

    For the lands of liars
    A deceptive trick has been
    Installed, forming a wire
    To connect the foolery... more »

  • Liars

    Inwardly I lie and defeat tire,
    Sorry to leave you and retire.
    I lie about the basic quality
    Of life and its own ability.... more »

  • Liberty From Morning

    I spent the morning loving freedom,
    Rock and cave seemed mightier than school;
    I sat here on open rock: a lone day,
    Like the lone nights awake,... more »

  • Libraries From Above

    The date of libraries in heaven is fixed,
    The treasures within shall be asked,
    Words filter, worlds complain and adjust
    To the divine splendours.... more »

  • Library Of A Man

    You come from a wearing people,
    The same people who forgave
    And gave gifts of intelligence.
    Their clothing suited gods and their... more »

  • Lies And Love

    We have lies and love mixed together,
    Mixed like mortar with wise appeal.
    Our happy signs mean so much for us,
    Yet returning to the senses of our limbs... more »

  • Lies And More Lies

    Cruel fashion still does lie, on concrete ground,
    He made a gesture of the ones you make
    To children of the helping sort, they ache
    Like sore caresses of action around.... more »

  • Life And Art

    Art may conduct the authority of a life,
    Inside them the artists carry light of a knife.
    This colour we also paint for the crowd,
    In with the rest and relaxation, that is allowed.... more »

  • Life And Death

    Actions and words carry the meaning of work,
    For the professional life is all too a look,
    I guarantee the joke of many and few, many and few,
    Tonight I can sell the best anthem and all new.... more »

  • Life And Work

    I lit my mouth with jolly bewitchment,
    Amusement caught my tongue, funny,
    It felt agreeable, well-worthy for me to enlighten
    The buds as they may be sweet too much to possess.... more »

  • Life Begins

    This beginning of your life is found in you,
    Creasing the sheets of the soul little as can be;
    Inspecting the behaviour of some wonder
    Is like beaming with light this time of day.... more »

  • Life Broken

    I broke my life up into pieces from pieces,
    My hands and feet walk and feel my body.
    The faith inside my soul is complete like him,
    Colours well-taken consider me as well.... more »

  • Life Cycle

    It famously combines the narrow rivers,
    Olives and pears are grown there with the Paradise of a
    Ten year old.... more »