• Acute Sayings

    Among the many acute sayings of my heart
    The hardest heads have combined to produce them;
    Ridiculous sayings are polite, well-looking
    And blind for the worlds and the lords of adventure.... more »

  • Adages

    An adage is decent when the mighty river winds,
    And then the symbols are again clashing,
    Lashing the rocks of a mighty river,
    Feeling like a word of a bitten nature.... more »

  • Adam

    'Why was Adam driven from the garden? '
    The teachers of wisdom have forgiven him.
    Since Adam asked for a sin to wander out,
    Afterwards masters of communication make us... more »

  • Add Or Not

    Addition is superior to subtraction,
    Whilst ears must save their action,
    Enough to keep a distraction,
    And so timely a great reaction!... more »

  • Addicted To Thoughts

    The addiction of an apology was present,
    Planets forged plenty of moments for apologies;
    A lasagne of thoughts needed some forgiving,
    Yet the cricketing may have spun a generation.... more »

  • Additions To Your Life

    ... more »

  • Admirable Features

    How do you describe the features of pain?
    Is pleasant news to admire and reconcile?
    My beauty is stronger than ever
    When beautiful people arrive,... more »

  • Adored

    ... more »

  • Adored Object

    The axis of an object surprises us,
    It plays with the background of our music.
    Then we realise its accomplishment with zeal,
    Minds contaminate the spheres and surprises.... more »

  • Adult Fire

    I must stay with adult fire interplaying with the soul,
    I must desiccate my fingers in this burning flame;
    But why does the hotness of this world be so dim?
    The punishment in the afterlife may even be no charm.... more »

  • Adults And Children

    Where do adults display their traits and attributes?
    Why do these playing children remember the suns
    Rising on different horizons, fulfilling the momentum?... more »

  • Adventure In The City

    Long life can end the cityscape on a day called yesterday,
    Hand over the juice of your kidney as terror be at bay,
    Sent over quite a lot I do deceive you with, and more than it,
    To lie to oneself your bigger extra innocence bit.... more »

  • Adventures

    A ball rolls in dozens of ways,
    Like dice or spells of magic-days.
    The game we play is to entertain,
    You must roll dice and it is hard to attain.... more »

  • Adventurous Youth

    Gargling at noisesome levels the adventure has begun,
    Both inwardly and outwardly the reasoning lets run,
    For youth can overcome the ready reader of newspaper,
    And the awesome collections of comics, super.... more »

  • Advice For The Soul

    Abiding advice rested on my soul,
    This afternoon there was an advert
    For the future of my eerie existence,
    One that was an airport of alarm.... more »

  • Aero Car

    Inside the aero car answers a light,
    Put in the coordinates to launch us high;
    Let locks be found for the real cause,
    An android falters rarely, but this time.... more »

  • Afar

    From afar we carry out our threats,
    To engulf them who marry in certain fashions
    That we detest, and we also do not like.
    For such is nightmare, mostly burden,... more »

  • Affable Man

    An affable man has a cape on,
    Revealing the past about his character:
    Pausing in innocent fog so fallacious,
    Finding faults with little neatness.... more »

  • Affliction From The Time

    Afflictions are adding by the seconds,
    These actions, those reactions are solid;
    My eggs are laid down for the eternity,
    Finding the passions of the street.... more »

  • Affluent

    Affluence has assertions on the picture we see
    In front of our eyes, it is wealthy provision.
    Our apostles enrich the basic soul, like wealth
    The providing is outstanding, much too enlarged... more »

  • Aflame

    The world aflame, we astound it,
    On the way this language becomes;
    Lips of cold energy are revolting,
    Revolving and empty with sin.... more »

  • After Bread

    I see the thoughts thanking me after the toasts of bread,
    I think on some of the seas that see after the toasts of bread.

    I want to be a buoy of utter strength in this heart of mine,... more »

  • After Food

    After two days we think and own occupations,
    Replying to men and women to consider the facts;
    I think then that we inform them when they are adults,
    Long walks and foolish food comes and arrives,... more »

  • After Sleep

    The annoying shall keep after sleep,
    My condition can peep, and this leap
    Is made permanent too far away,
    Like a force that may bend to Bombay.... more »

  • After The Gold

    It was longer time to follow.
    I should have what is my treasure.
    But where do we go to sights of trouble?
    It was there, the rubber and rubble of gas,... more »