• Like The Sun

    Like the sun, a lamp for all mankind,
    We whistle to shine like it, we proclaim
    Our genius learnt from the earth's triumph;
    Like the moon, a lantern made from hands,... more »

  • Like Two Days

    Like two days we love always,
    Little children redress their hair
    For the waiting better ones
    Or who are called parents,... more »

  • Like Violet Lights

    The steadfast authors of resentment
    Are for the ages of the buildings;
    These workers exactly find minutes
    In their days for the reality to be born.... more »

  • Like Wisdom

    Wisdom is like a number too bright, too river and sea,
    It reminds us of God, to be polite and good and merry.
    This living of excesses results in pain, but what is the suffering?
    Learn this way and that but there is no happiness without pleasure.... more »

  • Liking Colours

    I like the colours of the wall and mirror,
    Lost in the entrance of a thought, beaten.
    One of those ideas strikes me rich
    As I write a letter to the government.... more »

  • Liking Life

    One is life’s one, one of the celebrations,
    Until the treachery has been committed;
    Let informed opinion be made to untie
    And then cutting happens due to oldness.... more »

  • Limbs Blessed

    Love came and my name remained
    To be filled with awe afterwards;
    It was light and enragement from the wind
    And the weather became sweet afterwards.... more »

  • Lime And Lemon

    At first you are sweet and the race of juice is quick,
    Secondly the raiding of smells and tastes are to lick,
    They are angry at you as well,
    Their wrath is bigger than to yell,... more »

  • Limp

    ... more »

  • Lines Of Love

    The lines of love gather dust,
    Beauteous ashes of the everyday man.
    The lines of harm disappear,
    Forming worship in the signs.... more »

  • Lines Of Power

    To fight lines of power is too sacred,
    Along this lifetime a created wall must
    Boldly obstruct the young apparatus.
    I see long, swift singers in the autumn air,... more »

  • Lions And God

    The lions of God come rushing in to marry the friends,
    Devouring their rings of friendship, dividing spoils.
    May strength overcome the strong once the lion-king
    Draws in its followers, to be in royal custody.... more »

  • Lips That Bore Me

    Her lips are by my ear,
    A physical body bores me
    As this alignment presides.
    It is the most successful remedy... more »

  • Liquid

    A bubbly drink has entered my stomach,
    Through a period of time, in a minute.
    The whole question is answered,
    A little worry has disappeared,... more »

  • List Of My Crimes

    The list of my crimes is like a gust of wind,
    The wind is slow due to duty and time.
    Many men investigate the multifarious men,
    But scientists are the crawling men, the variety.... more »

  • Listen To Life

    I see into the curve of life,
    Its intricate shadows are my shadows
    And the lives we lead seem
    To butcher the makers of shadows.... more »

  • Listen To The Rain

    Listen to the rain as it occurs to our eyes,
    My sight had no question to ask
    As to why the spitting lasted too long
    And turned into showers so delightful.... more »

  • Listening To Judgement

    Listening to sums of money created me,
    It caused the untimely movement of centuries,
    Transparent thoughts collect in my soul,
    As the breathing of wise men created me... more »

  • Litres Of Blood

    My litre of blood is ruined,
    Inside a fancy is a shame,
    And hailing shall obliterate
    The many manners I have obtained.... more »

  • Little Chariots

    Think yourself stronger than the rest,
    Rests are also good and worse than before.
    Relax into the fantasy of your fight,
    Games are like books so much in flighty ways.... more »

  • Little Do They Weep

    The little birds say flight is sacred,
    For the day rises and falls like the heart
    And the heart rises and falls like the sea,
    Many fly from the heart that resides merrily.... more »

  • Little Flowers

    You watched and caught a little flower,
    Mouths smiled as you sought help,
    The favours of a designed cloth
    Shake me in the bruises, the clothes.... more »

  • Little Men

    Little men speak so loudly on the ears of loud people,
    Their heads spoke hard and heard many strict statements back;
    Like the boats to cross the water of the river
    A small task is to accomplish and carry out new sequences... more »

  • Little Paths To Take

    A little path digests new hearts,
    Heat stabilises the environment
    For it kept peace for the next generation,
    Lulling the minds of hearers.... more »

  • Little People

    Not many people are little,
    Noticed and betrayed are some who are little;
    Warm weather arouses our suspicion,
    Chiming creates disorder as the little arrive.... more »