• Love Came

    Love came from the heavens hotly, and smartly,
    It spread across the abyss of eternity and collapsed,
    So darkness fled as well, leaving the residence of the creation.
    Its house was created by creatures of the creator,... more »

  • Love Came From Somewhere

    Love came from above the heavens and earth,
    It filled me completely, ending with a pleasure, so rife.
    In every case, the souls descended towards the light,
    A destination was sought for the angelic crew and shoulders.... more »

  • Love Entered The Hearts

    Love came and caused me to live among the immortals,
    My skin was cherished, and it perished with the calamities.
    Love's bonus soon arrived at the doorstep, fixing the stare,
    Heraldry was a matter of the heart, hearts were blessed.... more »

  • Love Enters The Heart

    Drunkenness conflicts with nothing,
    For those who took whiskey have the key;
    The lovable people of this world
    Carry words that inspire a sense of laws... more »

  • Love Erupting

    For the love of leaping forward,
    I am interrupted by no repetitions.
    I cried today like a mound of earth and soil
    Erupting from the ground by itself.... more »

  • Love From Trees

    Cut into pieces and spread
    over the thoughts,
    Love demands to be no longer
    dead, stagnant and diluted.... more »

  • Love Has A Death

    Love is not the touch of death,
    Nor is it the river so forlorn and short;
    We acquire highness from it when the
    Living is tougher than the purse.... more »

  • Love In A Way

    Love must spare in a way,
    Its inner sides do sway.
    Love is innocent when we engage,
    Importance of its meaning is a stage.... more »

  • Love Is A Good Mixture

    Love is the fountain of grace, overflowing like water and ice,
    Philosophers gather and scatter, around the mountain.
    Then the trek is long, troublesome, and an ordeal of duration,
    Men matter towards the end when England appears in earnest.... more »

  • Love Is A Prison

    Love has a prison for the deeds and words
    That a person produces from food and water.
    His gaze is upon the eyes surrounding him,
    His love is supreme, beautiful and enticing.... more »

  • Love Is Another Feature

    Life has more than death and romance;
    It stayed after two days and two nights
    That reminded me of a weekend
    In another country, another land,... more »

  • Love Is Beauty

    I have to connect your sweetness to love and beauty,
    Only my eyes swivel and see the love in front of me.
    If never crying, you will be dying, shedding a tear
    For the creator at the end of this short stay on this world.... more »

  • Love Is Easy

    Love is easy like the summer sun and winter moon,
    I am doomed to break into a morning with guts and glory.

    How can I travel further when love has entered and erred?... more »

  • Love Is Far Away

    My love is far away, on the country of stations,
    These nations are exact, loathing a few lovers.
    My losing brand new weapon is like a lovely
    Sort of path into the reaches of the universe;... more »

  • Love Is Good Or Bad

    Love is a child from the organs of the body,
    Full of heartache as glory enters the veins.
    My kindness tears you apart, feeding the foetus,
    Fixing the nails of authentic work from God.... more »

  • Love Is In Heaven

    When my love and like is exact I see the hearers,
    Inside the islands of despair there are insulators
    And conductors of fortune and reign of goodness.
    My mind is flowing like a tumultuous river and waterfall,... more »

  • Love Is In Me

    The love is
    In the air

    It feeds a... more »

  • Love Is Like The Rose

    Love is powerful like the rose
    Love manages homage and dance
    Maybe tomorrow your cries are heard by this imposer
    Love is an emotion of the deepest depths... more »

  • Love Is My Master

    Love is whipping me like my master,
    It is not in the condition of slavery,
    But it holds the weapons of passion.... more »

  • Love Is This Kingdom

    Love immerses you with speed and scales,
    Inside the desert of anxiety a new light emerges
    From suns and planets that rock with moons.
    Even when the light has been shown a new... more »

  • Love Matters

    May we move in ways known to mankind,
    Tender hearts abstain from crying and shouting;
    Inside the movie starts, followed by tears
    Of shouting and descriptions abound.... more »

  • Love Me Until Death

    I love you with the dying of wrong,
    If I never met you, a death would result.
    I wouldn’t desire the lad at the lawn,
    The lasses are all not for me.... more »

  • Love Needs

    Rest after some time, then live my harmony,
    No morning brings happiness like this one.
    Supper of the day is not supper of the night,
    May the sun shine too small this day,... more »

  • Love Of Courtesy

    Thwarting those returning from stoppages,
    The people of the Earth rely on thrusts.
    There are black skies and blue lands,
    Bitter tasks, fulsome tasks, and wonderful hills.... more »

  • Love Of Flowers

    Petals of flowers are bursting with joy,
    Instilling the hatred and love of humanity,
    Flowers are godly when discussed,
    Inciting ink and heavenly pens.... more »