• Love Of Life

    Love may keep life
    Inert life that feeds on other life
    To enliven and love the seasons
    So that living is a pleasure... more »

  • Love Of The Heart And Soul

    Love has demanding features,
    It resides in the head like magic,
    Innocence may consider the prizes
    As formations of soldiers,... more »

  • Love Singing

    Love sings in the flowing river,
    A source of love shines light down,
    Inside the emotion of hate is a forgiver,
    I adore a law saying pride of the crown.... more »

  • Love So Certain

    How certain is the love we sought so near?
    The loves of certainty are great and dark,
    My hatred goes to those I hate and bark
    Near emptiness and justice to appear.... more »

  • Love The Fish

    The fish wither away in a week,
    Wobbling like jelly of fire;
    Water is weak, strong men are like fish,
    As chickens feed on us... more »

  • Love These Laws

    I love the laws that God sends down on us, raining,
    Opening the doors of heaven, of absoluteness, raining.

    My heart speaks to the delight of the creation,... more »

  • Love This World

    I love the world at its doorstep
    Once more.
    My death will abolish the fervour
    At the heart.... more »

  • Love To My Heart

    You have made a love to my heart,
    You have inspired my spirits as I learn
    And communicate with you in all these hours.... more »

  • Love, An Event

    Love happened like an event, it cried,
    It worked along the brain on and on,
    One left it reside in the heart, it beats
    And it won for five seasons, victory achieved.... more »

  • Love’s Spirit

    Love is the goal so bold,
    May flowers of the sun be cold;
    For fear of death and life,
    I take into my arms my wife.... more »

  • Love’s Splendid Voice

    Love’s dangerous qualms formulated a discovery,
    This day my swearing has been founded due to godliness,
    I love the love and I love the pain of this discovery,
    How much does the suffering grow tonight?... more »

  • Love’s Thought

    Love is a thought of the diverging numbers,
    Love speaks to the ironies of a living life;
    What causes you to love in the ways of men?... more »

  • Loved

    I love those in need of it,
    When they loved me mostly due to innocence.
    My living and my dying is exact,
    Our brethren refer to their tomes and sages... more »

  • Lovely Dream

    Wonderful, Fabulous, Lovely dream,
    Too fixed in the awe of life of another world.
    The dream is so collectible,
    Much like a bird of flapping wings... more »

  • Lovely Ears And Eyes

    Lovely ears, love of the sound and dreary dread,
    This much is true, we fight
    And absorb faith.
    Love of the hearing is a dumb pursuit,... more »

  • Lovely Fact

    O Lord, why do scientists be with their eyes
    The compassion that entrances?
    Is lovely fact a pleasure all about it?... more »

  • Lovely Grip Of Hours

    Who does she devote her lovely hours?
    The lights are dimmer than the sunny day,
    A darkness enfolds the masses with cold.
    We discern the matters of taste so bland,... more »

  • Lovely Stars Descend

    In these lovely days, our nights must be spent
    Thinking and considering and contemplating;
    Never shun from happiness in both regions,
    Just demonstrate to me your patience and virtue.... more »

  • Lover Of The Seas

    The lover is an ingredient of the souls,
    He is digested and kept for the worlds.
    Without hands our touch is rare and heavy,
    Our solutions are the last touch to humanity.... more »

  • Loving Animals

    To love an animal is to crawl on the ground,
    Seize it and laugh over the jokes that are around.
    We lift an ear for those in danger and result,
    Understanding life on the other side as an adult.... more »

  • Lower Happiness

    Take a lower place is this institution we call happiness,
    For then the dogmas are reduced, forever a pledge is witnessed.
    This sadness is my place, letting freezing temperatures
    Make us a simpleton, a sensible robe to wear.... more »

  • Lowlife

    I have spelt all the labours of life,
    A beautiful part of my strife,
    As the willingness to go,
    And spend out of Know... more »

  • Luck Has To Come

    It is to dismay that perhaps you are in opportunities,
    But imagine a time or day when disappointing is good;
    Good is the test that scares the soul into submission,
    Its good admonishes the evil in the breeding score.... more »

  • Luck In Space

    It was pure luck of survival, before the event,
    The whole journey was plenty of protein;
    A few wanted a launch into space, an universe
    Of authority that terribly spoke to the sun.... more »

  • Lucky Sin

    Luck reminds me of sin,
    Sins collect from the odour.
    A fortune fades, faces do fight,
    How do we describe the sins?... more »