• Lunch And Dinner

    I have breakfast and lunch and dinner,
    Munching away forever and ever;
    The religion of some is furious and solid,
    Yesterday it was bigger than today... more »

  • Luxurious Books

    The book is a plaque for the unread, dispositions
    Rely on the place it occupies with streaming gases;
    This object or item of luxury resigns for the items
    Opening their front door, like a cat has entered.... more »

  • Lycanthropy

    Lyrical poetry is fantastic
    Lycanthropy may exert all
    The song contains a magical act
    Werewolves will be luxuriant... more »

  • Lying Heart

    May liars roam the adventures to apply,
    Inside they have an organ to lie.
    They are slightly frivolous,
    Even thieves of the calculus.... more »

  • Mad Substance

    Water is the mad substance of our light years,
    Feel the lifenow that the soldiers are defunct.
    Wars and battles dismember proud men and women,
    Their bite is a courageous throw of dice, forming death.... more »

  • Mad Wells

    The well of madness drifts into the sighing zone,
    Where a heart deserts another market of deceit;
    The aliens of dedicated murder are upon us,
    Just like the pack of wolves arriving in the dark,... more »

  • Madden Me Not

    To madden me is enviable by some,
    Artificial wit is the cause of all guilt;
    My strange complexion speaks my tone,
    And the voice has been inherited.... more »

  • Maddened By Them

    Hit the men of maddening, gaseous calm,
    The real monsters of absolute palm,
    Dead are people of books who read
    And pave the way for humanity to lead.... more »

  • Made Flesh

    My mind made flesh and became the brain,
    Our wonderful nature is in us to exactly report;
    Be ignored, sew and stich, have tricks,
    But above all, take holy water as the best.... more »

  • Magic

    ... more »

  • Magic Within

    The gurgling gypsies frolicked in the united hands of the sun,
    Lacking a ladder of fortitude and lacking the rebuttals of modernity;
    One hidden thrown object confronted the mass and entities,
    One rock had provided a saturation and an indignant air so long for all.... more »

  • Magical Song

    The magic of a song unearths a singer,
    This dwarf of beauty envies nothing;
    The entrenched soul is like a dragon
    Of smoke and fiery breathing in songs.... more »

  • Magical Wishes

    Magic, so obvious to the magician’s eye,
    Is like perhaps angels appearing,
    And winds blowing from nowhere
    To be kept by the magician in sealed bottles.... more »

  • Magnificent Bread

    The bread stales forcing us to eat something else,
    Food will be consumed for our heaven is near.
    Describe my illness for all to hear,
    I place into categories the engineers and doctors... more »

  • Magnificent Health

    One of the letters was bland and the ice was thick,
    Wells are plenty, wells are much.
    For the years of this day are exactly minute,
    Microscopically a welcome has been replaced.... more »

  • Main Definition

    The main definitions of understanding are open,
    Entwining the days with inclinations of fiction.
    The brine of the sea is similar to the sweetness
    Of a language and the language of humans.... more »

  • Make The Heart Glad

    Make a glad being in your heart
    For the adored one, who collapses his feelings
    On the loving of individuals and their health.
    A house has been unhappy from our loving... more »

  • Make The Money

    Sitting at home can bring a new pleasure,
    Sizes of the rooms can bring enjoyment.
    Sit by and watch television, listen to radio,
    Do not involve with the outside world.... more »

  • Maker Of Horror

    He who is a hoaxer is a Holocaust-maker,
    He falsely accuses the imagination to wander.
    He is a double-crosser, his mind agitates,
    Those traitors travel and cook.... more »

  • Making Buildings

    The piece-rate for making buildings rises
    As you build more suddenly and quickly.
    Pilfering justifies the innocent as they speak,
    But does it mean goodness?... more »

  • Malefactors

    Some malefactors divide the society,
    Some cause illness to distinguish density.
    This is not bad administration but an emblem of trust,
    A logo of some importance, but not exactly catchiest.... more »

  • Malice

    ... more »

  • Man

    If ever the stealth of a man is in the asking,
    Your favour has been read and fully stated.... more »

  • Man And Woman Of Success

    The man of success is the man of lambs,
    He is sacrificed and blessed due to godliness;
    Then the moral philosopher has spoken of his
    Illness and ailment and disease that threatens,... more »

  • Man Is In Heaven

    Where is my house in heaven?
    Is the mocking going on,
    When the heavenly rage has become zero?
    Truly the heresy has its faults,... more »