• Man Loves Rules

    Who is the man who loves another being?
    His light crawls into view like a shepherd,
    Arranging, and disassociating from the party,
    Arranging, and mirroring the beloved,... more »

  • Man Of Avarice

    When the city is empty we come get warm,
    With one worn cloth, with one won birth.
    This city of lights adventurously emits life,
    Fugitives abuse the sixty years and two days.... more »

  • Man Of Her

    A couple of weeks ago her clothes
    Were a source of distress for her;
    She was locally found examining the relics
    With shoes to shine and to show the ideal time.... more »

  • Man Who Acts

    ... more »

  • Man With A Lapel

    I saw a lapel on his begrimed shirt,
    With all the decent colours, indication
    That he wanted to scrutinize me when I watched.... more »

  • Man’s Hug

    ... more »

  • Man’s Work

    The work of a man is human and the ability
    To forsake his concerns outside, to collect love
    Of his own being and concentrate on humility.
    Brave requests are being made, been accomplished... more »

  • Manage It

    ... more »

  • Managed By Miscreants

    The terrors of tomorrow collide with monsters
    To observe the days of honour,
    Those fruitful events of the orders of man.
    These events command swimming sailors,... more »

  • Management And Disaster

    Have you not got it and had it,
    In the way is a man who has got it.
    For what is my stay on the world,
    If politician celebrates the festival... more »

  • Maniacal

    It were maniacs swearing in the dark,
    Difficult acts were launched, feeding the apples
    In the throats, nudging them with knees
    And words through them.... more »

  • Manliness Of Man

    The manliness of pseudo affectionate rooms
    Elastically reminds me of joy inadvisable.
    The wall of the jaguar is faithful to the essential men,
    Walking in the arachnid-filled swamps and marshes.... more »

  • Manly

    I love my brain as an intellectual man,
    It contains and drinks like an able man.

    The body collides with another joy,... more »

  • Manly Combat

    A man upsets another man after some time has elapsed,
    The combats of the century confer with each other;
    We fight to survive in the ways of grace and malice,
    Our fighting supposes a danger too fast and mighty.... more »

  • Manly Dreams

    In this manly dream kingdom we stay,
    With such clothes, such distinct thoughts
    Of the way our existence stays in time with laws,
    And singing voices walk on the ceiling... more »

  • Manly Matter

    Good is a manly matter,
    Of light nature he is weighed
    By the location he stood.
    A sticky affair is too good... more »

  • Manly Talk

    I am manly for the men who talk,
    Over the barriers and obstacles,
    Very entertaining also contenting
    To talk over issues we love and hate.... more »

  • Many Are Charming

    Many stride a way too hard, too eager,
    Then eagles fly towards the target of deceit.
    Lulling the birds of voices carries a charm,
    Kicking and squealing left it, left the goal and charm.... more »

  • Many Badges

    Many badges basket wishes of our people,
    This beef concerns us in every way;
    Airports of this century battle against foes,
    To see their boots climbing in our mind.... more »

  • Many Boast

    Many forts dig and dig better,
    Much of the time we believe cleverer.
    To click on tomorrow is a joy,
    Understand this more for your ploy.... more »

  • Many Giants

    I was many and many ages ago,
    In a notion beside the word,
    That a mighty giant fought with words
    That you know from misery of reading and perusal.... more »

  • Many Gods

    Gods are too many in one religion-
    That is an asking of much distaste.

    Gods are like religions of adjustment,... more »

  • Many Have Striven

    I solve the problems of a meaner tyrant
    Who lives within the weird domain,
    Many have striven.... more »

  • Many Humans

    I have an essential quality
    To share with humans of height,
    Over the oceans, over the glaciers,
    Seaweeds are varied, seas are worries,... more »

  • Many Lower Animals

    The lower animals brush past the bells of festivals,
    Infer from traditions what people see in superiority,
    They are products of intellect submerged by the desert,
    Because the weapon or snare is physics and politics,... more »