• Many Signs

    There are many signs to be terms,
    As we create the hearts and minds;
    The list would be tremendous,
    Suggesting the ins-and-outs of regiments.... more »

  • Many Speak Like Giants

    Many giants stagger at the battle they have fought,
    Fighting inhibits the brain that rides and sways;
    It innocently speaks, the wars bespeak to count,
    So then fighting designs a right of conduct;... more »

  • Many Suns

    A thousand suns rise in the dawn,
    One of them is ours to stay all the morning;
    Let moons be damned yesterday,
    The stars of the night come out to play.... more »

  • Many Towns And Villages

    And how many towns and villages were burnt?
    The connectors of the the whole fire were burnt.
    How did the heat energy escape into the air of art,
    When it smoked twirling habits of grey silk?... more »

  • Many Wands

    Many play with wands and dazzle the dreamers,
    Pain amasses to beleaguer the masses, the tonnes;
    But material worlds collect drops of oil and water,
    To this end matters close, like the judgement.... more »

  • Map Of This World

    A map of the world unfurls like a scroll,
    Forwards they march into the landscape
    That scatters with its levers and bows,
    Its bowels and valleys of gold,... more »

  • Marches Of The River

    Marches of the river are like serpents,
    And dragons are somewhat of the huger serpent.
    These gigantic monsters share the skies
    With the darker human, who lifts his face at them.... more »

  • Marching Beyond

    I passionately walk as a soldier, the marching is swearing,
    And I stride too hard, I stroke the pillar that is abusing.

    My bridge collapses after a few bombs of calamity,... more »

  • Marching In Numbers

    The folly of numbers are grand, as they march
    To and fro, along the lands and seas of steam,
    Over hills and mountains going away far,
    To keep alliances and share prizes,... more »

  • Marching One

    March along time to eradicate the one,
    Forcing us into stronger ties, more lies;
    This pit of dreams forbids us to mutter,
    To utterances of the last sort we prize.... more »

  • Marching Troops

    Exert distance and take gigantic steps,
    With pity the wicked shall make steps:
    Who shall win and adjourn?
    Who will carry the flag of victory?... more »

  • Marriage

    Leave us with love to join us,
    Music and song realises our design;
    The whole sceptre of education
    Aids my longing for a brighter future.... more »

  • Married To A Doctor

    Married to a doctor the daughter is freed from him,
    It is her emancipation, the affair of decent jests;
    One slavery is far greater to become
    And that is patriotic duty, the very happiness is about.... more »

  • Marshes

    The bog and marsh condemn you,
    Eternal is this gain of your few
    Who wear a costume of colours,
    Inward is the feeling of counsellors.... more »

  • Martian Abduction

    They spoke to aliens on the bridge,
    Who were the faces? What could we envisage?
    The aliens subjected us to torture,
    When we met them, who was the abductor?... more »

  • Martian Bodies

    A megaphone blared for the martians,
    Martians and more martian bodies collected
    Their staring ways to the starry black night.
    My bloodied noise was a nose for the telling... more »

  • Mash Him

    To mash a murderer is to subjugate a thief,
    This I reserve for the lonely, a matter so brief.
    Must the system be our momentum, the phantom,
    So hurried sacredly that witnesses appear in autumn.... more »

  • Mask

    Matey with masks of a standard
    You are a mass of ugliness, with mascara
    I put swords to the throat in this order
    Offering you neutrons so nervous... more »

  • Masses

    The movement of the masses enlightens the few,
    Those leaders revolve around you, and they are too.
    The figure of importance revolves around the star
    That first laid its eyes on you as you succumbed.... more »

  • Massive

    In each of us a vanished light exists,
    Such chemistry tempers the steel called the body.
    The best of the physics is afraid of a companion,
    And so mathematical bodies of light annex... more »

  • Massive Bursts

    There are massive bursts of light and dark work,
    From lifeless hands, their making of heaven is done.
    You really must be nuisance and idiocy to react
    To the bursting in of rays, the crumbling of might.... more »

  • Masterful And Powerful

    I have a dozen wars in this world,
    One of them entices the ones swirled;
    A dream works half of the time like tennis,
    I have to speak and work and reminisce.... more »

  • Mastering A Wishful Stanza

    Mastering a thought may be enthusiastic
    But soldiers of the grave find one only,
    And this thought resounds in the heavens,
    Neighbours of the army are selfishly in love.... more »

  • Masters Of The Stars

    The star above our masters is brighter
    Than the brightest light in close communion.
    This starry sky of beaming fortunes corrects
    The soul when it gazes at the realm of wishes.... more »

  • Mathematical Reasons

    We have algebra and geometry,
    And all the waters of education.
    Long summers possess long issues,
    The doors and windows open for the long-life.... more »