• Maths Discovery

    Turn into circles as we drag our spheres,
    The shapes are plentiful, maybe the danger.
    Inside we feel creepy, crawling into supper,
    But the circles are condemning us in their glory.... more »

  • Matrices

    The matrix is going, it desisted dutifully,
    You just popped into the head of hurt;
    A film finds another film of favours, it is
    Moving from scene to scene, a sequel... more »

  • Mattering

    I matter to weaknesses in my life,
    These craters of joy are misspelt,
    Like the enjoyment of a planet,
    As we saw all that exists.... more »

  • May It Travel

    May the travel be polite and wholesome,
    Like a soldier and a general in comparison,
    Like a player of books and stationery,
    Last of all, like the prose of a writer.... more »

  • Maze Of Power

    Where were you when powers were to blame?
    Return to the cities of treasure when it is time.
    Going into cities of gold, the gates were bombarded
    And the gates were opened to the people of cowardice.... more »

  • Me And My Job

    My job carried a life, its burden was strong,
    As I burnt along.
    My job blamed me and my tools
    For being ashamed of rules.... more »

  • Me And My Pet

    My pet has died.
    I saw him buried knee deep
    In the garden, next to a real emblem.... more »

  • Me And Wine

    I want my tea as much as wine,
    Happy farm of fascination;
    These liqueurs converge as liquids
    Scorning the very rituals so blessed by some.... more »

  • Measure Him

    Measure a man by the years of his summary of other men,
    And women,
    And children,
    And animals.... more »

  • Meat To Eat

    To care is too disastrous for me now,
    I die, I die, and I did try this night
    To stay alive, from warmth and anyhow,
    Like supper; like them and then start to bite.... more »

  • Medicine

    Peace grows out of joy for the unity of brethren,
    I fell for light, forging a plan towards an acceleration;
    It left a print of power, joyous beauty was about,
    I fetched the box offered to me as sign of the bout... more »

  • Meditating

    The still air joins the still earth,
    We learn of the ground and the principles.
    I turn my thoughts to my side,
    And enter the void, this excites me.... more »

  • Meditation

    In the meditation room, a top man sways,
    His thoughts relayed throughout the galaxy;
    Delighted in some swaying piracy,
    Innocently the sentence unwinds to see rivers.... more »

  • Meek Mind

    My mild mind is meek and I do caress your thought
    That inhabits your mind.
    My manner inhibits stress, the very lamb of distress,
    Each spot of anxiety is manufactured.... more »

  • Meeting Salaried People

    Hundred men and thousand women have applied,
    But four I take on as weak and five I take on as fit.
    Forty I find I like and fifty I want so tight, to be.
    Yet the fifteen I try to see if I like, the rule does not say I like!... more »

  • Megalomania

    I believe I was hugely taller than mighty mountains,
    My deeds outweighed the heavens and the earth
    For their rights and wrongs of the former eras.
    I believe my size was a maiden of sentiments,... more »

  • Melody Of The Heart

    From the gorgon to the man of steel, from the airs
    Of musical reputation to exact solutions of commerce,
    We see the seekers of ill-work, offering the men who
    Hear the glaring notes of dementia one swift option.... more »

  • Memories Of Savages

    Where have all the memories gone?
    When festivals turn into wars
    The beliefs become facts,
    The wood cracks and breaks,... more »

  • Memories Of Youth

    Memories of youth are emerging, desisting, then reemerging,
    Fully apt for the taking, magically presented by the mind.
    Youth is a wonderful endeavour of the rich, the blamed,
    Who struck their riches in health as well as wealth.... more »

  • Men And Monsters

    How does passion ignite the days
    Of the year, and flowers of the rain?
    My offering to some is a fellowship,
    Into many days of the year, that are rays.... more »

  • Men And Storms

    Calculating and beginning comes to a man,
    Knowing what stops him, believing in strength.
    A substance is starting to vaporize due to heat,
    Man’s heat makes sweat and anger on speech.... more »

  • Men And Women

    The women of this domain struck us in the mouth,
    The highness of women struck us with their tongue.
    A soul clenched in the fist is used for clamping together the brains
    Of males and females, for keeping women alive with their tongue.... more »

  • Men Have Good Questions

    Men can equal the golden beings of light,
    My love is sacred so it works through the soul.
    I have enough of your wealth and prosperity,
    I have enough of your deliberate kindness.... more »

  • Men Of The Wind

    Shoot the men of the wind,
    The air is being alive and well,
    When do little men contrive the songs?... more »

  • Men Of Virtues

    Let the men of this world succumb to virtues
    Belonging to the wise extractors with tone;
    The cartoons of the air shall recite
    To the masses for support and details.... more »