• Men Of War

    The men have routed for the time is at an end,
    Life is like the bird of heaven, giving bravery to us all.

    The war is a wren, the battles are a crow, some of us tell,... more »

  • Men We Punish

    From brains of a man we punish, we let intellect be punished,
    For the audience is enclosed in space, and assemblies appear.
    A hungry tiger, tearing to pieces the flesh of a renowned lecturer,
    Hunts yourself and your intelligence, all that upbringing is wasted now.... more »

  • Men Who Understand

    For remembering a priest I preserve,
    I preserve the knowledge of his presence;
    For those with pleas of dire thought,
    I connive their thoughts for their minds.... more »

  • Menace

    Menace to the life we hold dear,
    A stranger has come upon us and our shoulders
    Needing safety as much as us,
    Yet fed with rebuke and talent of crime.... more »

  • Menacing History

    ... more »

  • Menacing Weapon

    He hides where lie weapons,
    The weapon changes from lustre
    To agony and the blue blizzard,
    A surprise is in store.... more »

  • Mentionable

    The flash of this decision is a flash of the mind,
    Enduring silence vanishes beyond innate repairs,
    This flash is a design from above what is,
    The stealing moments denigrate the well-being.... more »

  • Merchants Of The City

    Elegant and cool, the merchants of the city
    Collect their dizzy spells, being cowardly;
    Like their ownership they are ambitious,
    Foretelling their trade and being ambiguous.... more »

  • Mere Mortals

    A mortal thought carries a flute,
    Singing this breathing will give birth.
    Over hills and into tunnels, a small touch
    Brings the body to a nearness with death.... more »

  • Mere Phantasy

    The story is mere phantasy, of extremities,
    The hardships of love commend a relief.
    In this story of hard knowledge there is my altar
    To which I sacrifice, and I worship the belief.... more »

  • Merman

    Under this ocean of worry is an anxious moment,
    With bubbles and water too buried.
    This life of the sea crazes us if we jump,
    I see and hear the wise moments when I enter.... more »

  • Mess

    I turn to the right of it,
    Fooling the enterprise as thoughts cry,
    Mighty health proffers this century,
    To wear the shoes of a former gathering.... more »

  • Message Of The Past

    I know the message of the past,
    It returned my knowledge of the last.

    I have a solution of reality,... more »

  • Messages

    A message has been received,
    And I have bought it
    From my own riches called life.
    The cage of despair is my life... more »

  • Met By Sands

    Well met by the animals of the past,
    He is sands, he is winter of the light;
    By this tragic beginning a futility has come,
    The dunes deplore this person of the flesh.... more »

  • Metal Foil

    Foil is a night and day, like metal of the hour,
    It is your pain and design, a movie is made.
    My foil is green and blue, but what of you?
    The real guns massaged my skull with their hard action... more »

  • Metallic Eyes

    My eyes are metallic, their gaze concerts like music,
    A ripping silence ensues, ensuring a safe wreckage of life.
    Life caves in, death sets in, annihilation is a proud fact,
    Live ghosts, die gracefully, little knowledge is kept in the grave.... more »

  • Metaphysics

    The notorious ideas of our times are exact,
    Coinages like ‘metaphysics’ encourage thinkers
    To think and philosophically endeavour to the best
    Of their abilities.... more »

  • Meters

    He put a shilling in the meter,
    Looking and glancing, feeling the pain
    That shrilled and mashed his soul,
    Like something running and hooking,... more »

  • Middle Path

    ... more »

  • Midnight Has Children

    ... more »

  • Mighty Aeons

    Aeons of mighty weight are against the nation,
    They shift with time, the nations change with a station.
    Mustard and potatoes deprive us of this companionship,
    Food of this type will donate a swordsmanship.... more »

  • Mighty Hazards

    Mighty rivers blow hard on their surroundings,
    The environment relays special images of discontent.
    It freezes on you, your livelihood has suffered,
    Possible fuel has been achieved all on you.... more »

  • Mighty Living

    But such subtle freedom is cherished,
    Turning by nature into a prayer of entrance.
    Entering the hospitality of the breakfast,
    We turn and enjoy the prayer and struggle.... more »

  • Mighty Volcano

    Anything is more special than this,
    My evenings combine and form belief.
    A mountain sends quakes into the horizon,
    We watch and listen for the spectacle to end.... more »