• Migration

    Definite came straws lightening a hut of promises,
    Destruction of wilderness came only to second attention.
    Fortnightly the pressure unbearable, a strange affair,
    One that flooded gravely so stupidly inside me.... more »

  • Mild Handling

    The handler is a maiden with an aneurysm;
    Bend her neck, swipe the claws at her shoulder!
    Win glances from the public if there is misery,
    Little do they tell of the disgrace that manned our ports.... more »

  • Mind Food

    Mind food collects in my stomach,
    And so I am an esper, the powerful one,
    Who injects beliefs into disillusioned minds
    For the spirits I request.... more »

  • Mind Help

    Place the message in your mind
    And reveal it to the watchers around.
    Place the obsession of the mind... more »

  • Mind In Circles

    ... more »

  • Mind Of A Genius

    To mind is to feel high, and to be big
    Carried my religion, mine also.
    My mind is just bigger than yours
    Also colossal as a genius, afterwards... more »

  • Minds Of Parents

    The man stared back with green hair,
    Following the ways of the windows and chairs;
    Cheering the fools of the question,
    The man of maniacs became a devil.... more »

  • Mine Only

    My garden contains the future,
    It brings me a sentence to grasp
    And handle as words, words are then words.
    My heavy heart remains at death,... more »

  • Minor Action

    Zero action is the minor rock,
    The mines of a land are dangerous;
    Then act too fast so that you empty me,
    Made by the hands of god, the religion is final.... more »

  • Minor Hazards

    Fade into minor hazards outside our hills,
    Where I happen to be in trouble from the wolves.
    Happen then - wolves must describe the levers of pain,
    I am crucified by them if they come near.... more »

  • Minor Importance

    Gigs of minor importance are to be rude,
    Minor men scent the Paradise,
    Two women and one man is to conclude
    Minor happiness, two for once.... more »

  • Minutes Of Play

    Minutes of play were exact remembrances of honesty,
    Forgetting was starting to start the ends of the earth;
    My hours of flying were over like the dresses of soil,
    The turf we whitened was overtaken by the ground of electricity.... more »

  • Miracle Of Words

    The miracles stand for the tents of freedom,
    They have blasts of wind and will be empty.
    Then the men of crucifixion were ended,
    Thus it was a miracle when coins fell.... more »

  • Miraculous Light

    The miracles are from the heavens,
    A copy of the globe is found there.
    Before we entertain each other,
    Inspect the eyesight and love.... more »

  • Mirror-Room

    Enter the zone so bright,
    It matches me, and my heart.
    Inside we felt dim and bland,
    Like a dumbness came apart and stuck.... more »

  • Misleading Ways

    Mislead nobody in desperate ways,
    Body-build forever the day and care;
    An entryway has been delivered
    To an ethos to blame and curse.... more »

  • Missiles

    The troops of a missile are confident for victory
    Every time they fire, and when this approaches
    A fine task has been beheld, how audacious!... more »

  • Mistake

    The mistake is bitter not better,
    Some of us make mistakes all hated,
    Some spring their eyes in death,
    Letting us wield the knife... more »

  • Mocking My Painting

    My painting mocked my brush, many layers,
    Bent on cleverness, as well as greed and glee.
    I have a table where the orchestra of colours
    Result in happiness, of the wooden joys.... more »

  • Models

    The model of principle so fastened to my shirt
    Escapes and encapsulates my authority, all alone.
    The ire in my breath carries me on a wide arc,
    And the effort dissolves to make a circle of action.... more »

  • Modern Man

    The modern man is intricate,
    With ceramic and wine rolled in,
    Gorgeous countries line up for him,
    Swinging centuries are prior to him,... more »

  • Modes

    The mode of aggression is supreme,
    A defender was the oppressed;
    There is paying, both with defenders
    And offenders, for liberty it is so.... more »

  • Monarch And Gods

    Indicating the monarch collides with flight,
    This is the moment of truth, a fetching of wood.
    Monastery after monastery resides in this tower,
    The momentum of life is for an album of custom,... more »

  • Monastery

    A distant building has contained my pleasure,
    Having a rich fight with the stress I am an abuser,
    The one who fought a dying battle with an assembly
    Of brethren, the monks of a building behaving absentmindedly.... more »

  • Money Is Sacred

    Money is so sacred, my mind is reactive
    To the special things in life.
    Too heavy in my mind is this life,
    When money is donated to another life,... more »