• Monkey Island

    My hands were above the shadows,
    In them my steam had risen to be vapour,
    A gas merged into other gases,
    Annihilating the wittiness of a day.... more »

  • Monochrome Landscape

    The woman was a monochrome landscape,
    She was right outside for the sitting layers,
    Another summer had begun to reply to the ears,
    As more statues became offenders and defenders.... more »

  • Monster Man

    Return to lands his father owns,
    Pursue him as my food,
    He is the son that presses bones
    And is to catch but chewed.... more »

  • Monsters Of Pain

    Do not tell it again when the shakes replace
    The fountain housing an elixir of change and gold.
    I am terrified of your belongings when dead,
    Crazes and suffering accompany the wicked.... more »

  • Monumental Book

    Famous snow-capped mountains are astute at everything,
    Like a Christmas pudding or the authority of selflessness;
    My justice suspends from the cliff, to beleaguer the absolute,
    Then remainders are removed from the general population;... more »

  • Monuments Alive

    Many lives have I been since young masters
    Who harness the crimes of the hugging men,
    Mud and ache caresses the brain as it rains,
    The rains are more than the snows and hail.... more »

  • Moon-God

    ... more »

  • Moons Fill The Night

    Moons fill the void between you and your voice,
    They enlighten the day and night with styles.
    The moon commits commotion so righteous,
    Piety ensues, pills are taken to rescue the true.... more »

  • Morals Of Courageous Life

    They have the morals of dogs, courage of death,
    The moral philosopher is subjected to a life.

    It is mourning and more mourning, fully strategic,... more »

  • Morbid List

    I appeal to the list of laughter bubbling,
    Thinking of changes that read as sudden,
    And I am considered dignified by them all.
    The interest in what to justify is common,... more »

  • More Betrayal

    Desks of thought carried more betrayal,
    Witnesses of pleasure saw everything;
    The sight of our eyes is sore from the top
    And bottom of the whole spectrum.... more »

  • More Faith

    Faith can shoot arrows at the devil
    And collide with boulders thrown by it
    Without even hurting you or giving wrong
    That is never to be worn.... more »

  • More Food

    Toy us, toy food with instinct saving you,
    Then definitely work on that which makes,
    Surrender yours, so action failed - it aches,
    It aches and aches, forever it imbue.... more »

  • More Wargames

    Using the rules demands many rules,
    For the clever man is innocent with them.
    Using a joy is full of surprise for the unlimited,
    The unlimited are those who forsake everything.... more »

  • More Water

    The time was rapidly drawing near,
    We went below to dropp an insult
    Of work and rapid strokes of luck.
    The lapping of the waves below... more »

  • Morning And Evening

    The morning comes, the trees are in life
    As they sway to the body of song such as wind;
    Leafless everywhere, the season is fun,
    Dangerous is this state of affairs.... more »

  • Mortal Sinner

    Someday the man with the mask
    Will appear and disagree with your existence.
    He will wind you, and beat you, so much.
    But who shall remain victorious?... more »

  • Mortals

    Deathless ones preach new events every time they speak,
    In front of everyone, always for the vicinity.
    Death has conquered only those who speak ill,
    Offering chastity as a substitute for this ailment... more »

  • Mortals And Immortals

    Behold, the mortals of blood
    Are not powerful like us;
    The windows we see through
    Show us light of our moods.... more »

  • Mortified

    No mighty man likes to be closeness,
    A man ventures on an impatient nature;
    His mortifying notion is a position
    Of grandeur, much likes him then.... more »

  • Most Attachment

    It attaches itself, not the wrong way
    But a single tactic is employed
    That is most simple,
    A real good ploy to attach.... more »

  • Most Brothers

    It is the most gratifying brother who asks for help,
    For which the ceilings of the sky
    And the remnants of the ground and earth
    Lie hidden forever this way.... more »

  • Most High

    When you know that heights are reached,
    Then this obedience shall be rewarded;
    A straight road is travelled above us,
    Carrying a scent of some joyous drink,... more »

  • Most Of The Wine

    Most of the wine is drained from the cup of virtue,
    I sail to a land where lambs burst from the trees,
    And action is a manner of the heart, and the soul.
    My argument is severe to the touch and penalty,... more »

  • Most Painful

    You are mostly in tribulation since the pains of Hell on Earth,
    These are your market, these are your nunneries and monasteries.
    So pray to some cause, avoid being animal and cannibal, colour the eyes,
    Cover the eyes, as force encompasses the ghosts of our majesty.... more »