• Muslim Man

    To begin properties we conceal the soul of its desires,
    There it rains and rains and rains, with water potent.
    My soul betrays nothing but the daemons and devils,
    A rock of flesh was thrown at a cadaver of regions,... more »

  • Mutinies

    A colonial fleet suffered a fate too fading,
    It was engaged with the armies of the sea;
    Comprised mainly of names of the orders,
    Warships of the navy expected worse health.... more »

  • My Accusation

    My accusation is polite but he does not listen too much to me,
    Poetry is the cause of this reluctance as he shines tomorrow.
    Men and women are so trustworthy at times, like gunpowder
    And its result after much ploy and tactics of fine powder.... more »

  • My Ache

    My aching head is numb now from the pain,
    The wound of blood and brain, a creature.
    Nature is triumphant on my bed,
    Underneath this object is a utility.... more »

  • My Act Or Dance

    My new act commands others to dance
    In the mirror of their dreams.
    How the heavens are revolving around,
    Feeding the frenzies of eternity... more »

  • My Acting

    My actions are straightforward,
    They are blessed by the lords afterward.
    My acts place me in the region of life,
    They coordinate my prosperity as an afterlife.... more »

  • My Actions Speak

    My actions speak for themselves,
    Their religion is upon us all.
    May we answer the questions of announcers,
    Every little word counts to appal.... more »

  • My Acts Of Old Age

    My acts are numberless due to old age,
    Inside the front of my vision I am a cute baby;
    Meeting me in the forefront is like occupations,
    Lulling the flight, loathing the light, living the sight.... more »

  • My Adoration

    I adore the praises of prayers,
    For His Highness adores me still;
    Throbbing in my heart finds
    A sun in the palm of my hand,... more »

  • My Age

    My name is openly blackened due to age,
    Inside I see angels and among other beings
    I perceive areas of knowledge, acres of land.
    This is worthy for mansions, this land they grow... more »

  • My Agony

    A definite substance prolongs my agony,
    In it there is a certain chaos of feeling,
    My search is endless in this quaking hour,
    My search prolongs the search for everyone.... more »

  • My Arithmetic

    The arithmetic strikes at the mind and heart,
    Bases are hurt, foundations are plucked.
    My birthday makes a cobweb like the spider
    Of pain and agony, of special suffering.... more »

  • My Arm

    I devote my arm to my endeavour,
    The real result of my army and response.
    The arms hacked at the mirror of my life,
    The shouting of a century is upon us.... more »

  • My Art

    My art does speak a
    Certain pride so well ahead
    Of those with some speech.... more »

  • My Artists Of Words

    My art creates a vacuum of displeasure,
    Frontal art attacks consider me fine,
    And the monuments are designed to confront.... more »

  • My Atom Of Friendship

    I must give an atom to my friend who is my age,
    I agree to this attainment, as I praise the goings-on.
    Fate is a tough provider, for the arms are empowered,
    The legs keep sacred blessings as the roar begins.... more »

  • My Attack On Royalty

    I play with lords and ladies
    Often, and more often than you consider.
    My name is not of a beggar, but a beautiful man,
    Who is always in trouble from royalty.... more »

  • My Audience

    I addressed the audience
    As a compere that hassled
    Passing fabulists of renown,
    Forging documents of rarity.... more »

  • My Baby

    You are still holding my baby,
    Your hands lend a caring gesture.
    This child across the ocean is a reminder,
    Voices across the country destroy.... more »

  • My Battlefield

    It is the challenge of my chamber to change us,
    The chairman is proud of our character, to describe
    The crossing is like the pole of the armoured men.
    I am depending on you to describe the young nought,... more »

  • My Bayonet

    The end to danger is near,
    I just am indignant about the bandolier.
    I have my bayonet, to stab and kill,
    Vietnam was a time of the bill.... more »

  • My Beautiful Egg

    This eggshell has me opened within,
    Excelling, stalking and betraying my friend,
    A piece of the hatred of one’s foes
    Has excited my threatening mind,... more »

  • My Beautiful Forgetting

    My forgetting is my beauty as it concerns us all,
    Such forgetting is too stronger than tomorrow.
    For these days belong to living that dies,
    A single mood erupts and finds exhilaration.... more »

  • My Being Permeates

    My conversion permeates through my being,
    Solipsism shall be the thought for me;
    Drooping from an attitude of cool nature,
    The self is a puzzle for my own creation.... more »

  • My Belly Aches

    Your belly aches from too much food,
    Eating this likened your mood like fire melts wood.
    The belly hurts from the compulsions,
    The food of life angers my soul like dirt.... more »