• My Bib

    I spin the pepper in my hands,
    Keeping it in the flow of ice cream;
    This foundation overwhelms me
    Like the taste of squid.... more »

  • My Birth

    I was born one child of children,
    Following a personage to endeavour;
    This time my age requires union
    With the body of a human-self.... more »

  • My Birthplace

    I am here as my birthplace, fully adept at being kept,
    Police is against the poles of distress, as my sister is today.

    The days outnumber the nights outstretched, feeding,... more »

  • My Blade And Yours

    The apex of my blade has a strength
    That you despise at the back of your mind.
    My bones shall be axed and shattered
    By the grace I concentrate and show.... more »

  • My Bleeding

    My avenue is bleeding and crazy
    With my French nation.
    This neighbour is like the island on course
    For another land.... more »

  • My Blessed Name

    At this moment my name blesses me,
    It converts the faith in the head
    To cover my fortune and dread,
    How we live and how we be.... more »

  • My Bones

    My sack overweighs my alcohol,
    It burns the skin of all its gold;
    The luck of a box rocks the world,
    One neck has to be country-madness.... more »

  • My Bonfire

    After this I gather a wooden stick collection,
    Burning the sticks of wooden nature.
    A fire has rudely devoured the flesh of my world,
    The later periods have contrived a short pause.... more »

  • My Boy

    My boy turned a page trying to prove
    That ever since his bottles and spirit
    He had grown old and sufficient,
    Like the pages of my binder.... more »

  • My Brave Heart

    I am babyish with matters concerning the heart that is brave,
    The mountaintop feeds on the whole world with a brave heart.

    Pacific groups collect and master their facts with compromise,... more »

  • My Cancellation

    I cancel my debt to the school of law,
    This I do by making a promise to my grandpa:
    Reside in jail and spend a war
    For those who sin and win what you are.... more »

  • My Car And My Family

    My car is caring for the door,
    The daughters of the sudden drama
    Encase themselves in divine whipping
    Of cream, we stagger and search... more »

  • My Catching

    My catching is my weakness for the years of life,
    This wisdom creates a devastating effect for the holiness,
    And records show a clear reason for the demise.... more »

  • My Chest Is My Knowledge

    My mansion is my chest and legs from the years gone by,
    I grew up wanting rewards and ideas amply designed.
    With questions my father understood the rhymes,
    I was little, he was sadder than the rest of martyrs, who died.... more »

  • My Chief

    My chief has hindered me by the way,
    Open me in my heart, follow me and you.
    Lie on the side of goodness, gauntlets
    Are held for the nights and days to count.... more »

  • My Child

    My unbelievable-child, my universe has split,
    You sell and buy in the same time as me.
    My work is concrete and strong.
    My join is like a watery stream to the lake.... more »

  • My Chosen Image

    It is my chosen image,
    The world of emotions works lastingly,
    Who do you see in this complete picture?

    I have showed only something,... more »

  • My Clues

    ... more »

  • My Coequal

    He may be my coequal, but my resonance
    Is like the pounding of drums during fight of fire
    And ice, fires and snowfall, rockets and bombs.
    To burden another man I reject his teaching first,... more »

  • My Commiserations

    My commiserations go to the ones who love me,
    Intact, our love grows from the heart of the action.
    Play with the energy of love to fulfill your goals,
    My condolences are never needed say some.... more »

  • My Companion Is Who He Is

    My companion is Light, and it's a fine company,
    I remove my envy, as dawn breaks for the next day.
    The gifts of enlightenment refuse mention and perusal,
    Their lingering boxes shine from the diamonds and orbs.... more »

  • My Complete Road

    Embellish my sword when the day is complete,
    With it I strike a beauty and a sword of life;
    This road has been dim and darkness,
    I clamber a dive into fire,... more »

  • My Composer

    My composer is absent from the words
    Affecting with pride, managing to dine.
    Many sides force me to reconsider the prize,
    A pretty sign of a number that looks... more »

  • My Confusing Name

    My name is confusing when I saw it,
    Passionate liquids dissolve the place;
    And so the names of our fathers resound
    To yell at the differences we make.... more »

  • My Contribution

    I am a man who cares-
    If sweating was in this season,
    I am the man who cares for health of
    The population.... more »