• My Country

    My country is above the love,
    Your personality is in my country.
    We are upset, fully loving and defined,
    Like a natural being, a human reality.... more »

  • My Court

    Never enter my court spreading disease,
    Inside this duty I complain of those who decease
    From the clause written by the judge,
    To decapitate the man with the nudge.... more »

  • My Cruelty

    My cruelty is stronger than a manner
    That repels the hearts of men,
    My cruelty wittily describes the burden,
    Let burden be doubt and description.... more »

  • My Dairyman

    My dairyman is a crustacean of milk,
    The crystals enjoined on him are like silk.
    My dairyman is a soldier of liquid,
    Once I grab the bottle I contacted.... more »

  • My Dangerous Friend

    My door is a square, my door is a square,
    Its dangerous appearance resents the air;
    I have to object to the pleasant mien of my friend,
    A pen has been lifted, the ink has been set... more »

  • My Declaration

    The declaration has a word of rejection,
    But I conceive of the differences and award
    A man who chooses, signs and forfeits.
    I include a focus, a passion, and bravado,... more »

  • My Demanding

    My crying was a demanded act,
    I needed an escape into oblivion;
    But would they hear the silent rope
    Flowing in the cosmos of worry?... more »

  • My Demesne

    A demesne I casually address as my own
    Becomes comely to the eye and nose,
    Fanatical as a mouse over its cheese,
    Contrary to the borders and boundaries.... more »

  • My Designer Of Thoughts

    My philosophy is my design,
    For he is a designer of pictures
    That float in the rain and snow.
    His deeds are his thoughts,... more »

  • My Disarmament

    I have seen the overwhelming night
    Envelop the soul with its fever and black light.
    I have dissolved the salt into your sweat,
    Left the madness of a monkey to the side.... more »

  • My Disease Is Contagious

    My disease is my flight into the dangerous realms,
    I just see caged birds, I just see caged birds.
    Animals are full of contagious ailments,
    If you do speak to these creatures a philosopher... more »

  • My Distant Love

    Even though my distance is kept
    You are not the velocity of a saint.
    Even the badger is burrowing for love
    While your mind will take tomorrow.... more »

  • My Distress

    My rate of distress is a question of hate,
    For the ends of the world do not dent the steel.
    Punishment is a reception of pain,
    Punish those in power and might, the leaders.... more »

  • My Doctor’s Pursuit

    A long life awaits my doctor of postures,
    He arms his house with weapons of ice,
    Cold as the syringes that fire and plea,
    Like soldiers who mutter their praises to generals.... more »

  • My Door Is A Lamp

    One day You ask: What are you up to?
    - I work for lattices
    And concoct doors for lamps.
    The door to heaven will be split,... more »

  • My Dreaming

    My dreaming carries electrical bargains
    Understanding the brain by deductions.
    My dream surrendered to awe and work,
    May thinking of the day be artwork and brickwork.... more »

  • My Drought

    A drought is south passing the journey,
    My real mouth will energise on this gurney.
    I am succeeding due to this accident on the wall,
    The fright delivers action after action from alcohol.... more »

  • My Duty Is To Serve

    My duty is for the dukes to falter,
    My acts are numerous to follow,
    And the skills of a generation are ripe.
    My duties are instilled in the hearts,... more »

  • My Duty Serves

    My swerving is my duty,
    Duty forbade me, to turn,
    To turn it persuades me.
    For the dutiful ones apologise... more »

  • My Dying Heart

    I open the doors to a lonely heart,
    One of them fights against mine.
    His heart and mine actually clash,
    Reminding me of a love that died.... more »

  • My Dying Plant

    A dying plant shall never make my words
    Fall from the leaves as they flow towards heaven.
    The golden paint of this new organism is against
    Humans who protrude in the midsts of laughter... more »

  • My Dying Strength

    My strongest elision bubbles thoroughly,
    Like a boiling liquid or a browning gas, an iron
    Face or beautiful head, the hair is falsely aware.... more »

  • My Elements Of Man

    Instead of a man do you have some element to object to?
    Does a man be a man with his sage or his plentiful beggars?

    The well made fountain is a fighter for the rich,... more »

  • My End Approaches

    The time of my end approaches,
    As I shall die and be right in the rising;
    Rising in the fire, my darkness closes in,
    No pain overtakes my feeling, as long is life.... more »

  • My Essence Derived

    When my essence is derived by My Almighty,
    The existence emerges beyond count as I
    Launch into unknown territory and forget who I am.... more »