• My Eternal Dream

    My dreams are eternal like the void,
    In this void of evasions and doubt
    The sacred reading is upon the plane.
    When do muttered friends abound?... more »

  • My Exploding Continent

    My continent splendidly encompasses me,
    Opening avenues of birds and animals;
    Forming myself a puzzle,
    The real islands of my eyes are astounded.... more »

  • My Eye

    I feasted my eyes on what was quite correct,
    Reached by the foot of man and woman together,
    With red spots on the cheeks that glimmered,
    In obeying the friendly call of the asses.... more »

  • My Face

    My face is never finite, never sound,
    Like a reflection of the facial characteristics
    All on my own.... more »

  • My Fair Light

    My fair name resounds for the way,
    In this way a warrior steals the magic,
    So that effort is not a stage for all,
    Let it be known illness matched us.... more »

  • My Faith In You

    My faith in you demands coverage by the sands
    That speak like grains of sand to invent into lands.
    My coping subdues your coping, sense the snow
    That fell on this country, I was never tired a day ago.... more »

  • My Faithful Steed

    I am the challenger of the night and all it contains,
    It darkens the sword on your side, but I unsheathe;
    To fight is to injure, and to ride is to bruise the shoulder,
    My horse is me, I am my horse, for it pleases me,... more »

  • My Fall Is In Flesh

    Here the bursting of the flesh ceases, as forever the fall
    Has diminished and been understood by the men of high degree.
    The barriers of a jester subsist, the bursts of the heaven exist,
    Just too much love exits and exerts the lover's quarrel.... more »

  • My Farce

    My farce depicts my rage along the time,
    May language find a fault with some of these
    Little diseases of this age that states.
    Words devastate the real divisions now,... more »

  • My Features

    ... more »

  • My Feelings With Animals And Birds

    My feelings are heard by the birds and animals,
    I converse with their own speaking customs;
    My threshold is uncertain, they are ignorant,
    Forces are at work, and the playing of the stars is mild.... more »

  • My Fingers

    The fingers are the elusive elements of our youth,
    You had just built your hands from the orders of care.
    Our melting points are subtle and completely arousing,
    Let the fingers of your handsome hands be enticing... more »

  • My Fingers Burn

    A memory wakens due to health of the limbs,
    My fingers burn and singe with the hearts of contempt,
    I never appeared before the icy winds,
    Scattered rain was a family of repose.... more »

  • My First Song

    My own first song blew like a trumpet,
    The small was the divine, the larger
    Foil commonly made the shining ray.
    Many shells talked of their wetness,... more »

  • My Food

    ... more »

  • My Form Of Heaven

    My sentence is a form of heaven,
    Enlightening the population persevering,
    My words chill the bones and the spine,
    My work is not complete this day.... more »

  • My Fortune

    My fortune is big, bigger than oil and silver,
    Open the chest of treasure which is hot and ready,
    The skin has been contaminated, of goals and looks,
    How are your messages recorded by the machinery?... more »

  • My Fragrant Names

    My fragrance burns the woeful flowers,
    Or the shredded leaves so innocent and new;
    I lived along the meadows and the heathens,
    Evicted by their prowl and insidious behaviours.... more »

  • My Friend And Me

    My friend asks me:
    "Do I laugh or do I flee? Do I die or do I see? "
    When my laugh is greater than my word
    The language just moves from the heart eternally.... more »

  • My Friend Has Music

    Alone, the friend has music,
    So much strength is in this butterfly;
    The beach of an angel is ready for basking in,
    Then rain shall sound after the summer on it,... more »

  • My Friend In His Chair

    I see an ocean in my own life,
    Let walking produce the wife
    For the sight that lived in me,
    The ocean lifts its power to be.... more »

  • My Garden

    I guard my gardener
    Who is me, and just me.
    Opening a lawn is
    To grow grass with seeds alone.... more »

  • My Gaze Is On Many

    I returned the gaze to yesterday, it was light,
    It was darkness, and it was truth in totality.
    My dealer is considering my soul and all it entails,
    Rich souls experience a light too encompassing,... more »

  • My Godly Help

    My godly helper is about to lose the tower,
    Its penalty is losing the beds and pillows.
    My servant is my house of worldly work,
    His service is adored dearly, like pain.... more »

  • My Gold

    My heart bleeds twice a day,
    My heart is stopping for my love.
    This day the learning has arrived
    That I have loved all the life,... more »