• My Internet

    My internet disappoints me as I walk the good walk,
    Little are the malefactors of this generation,
    My soldiers are against my businessmen with aftershock.... more »

  • My Inventions

    My invention carries grim events,
    At last the night has observed a rest;
    To me you sound like my invention,
    Opening of pages, closing of books.... more »

  • My Job

    This modern dance, an entrance,
    It certainly abides in me.
    I call it the profession of my dreams,
    The dream does not end until I awake.... more »

  • My Kind Look

    My look is my ability at the task ahead,
    It appears to be new and twisted for this.
    Open the doors to brevity and forsake this
    Road for the better roads and alleys.... more »

  • My Knife

    My knife is trusted and wanted
    By drunkards and those aborted.
    My swords are never present at late,
    Please do swerve on a path to accelerate.... more »

  • My Knowledge

    A mine of information surpasses the next mine,
    A solid rock works to obstruct us from the same.
    May we bend our walk accordingly,
    Prancing needs no objection, no praise.... more »

  • My Last Night

    To stay awake I keep the defending
    Of the encampment, as I do not dropp off
    Whilst on guard!... more »

  • My Legacy

    I was in grief, then madness,
    My brief life caused a good to befall on
    The populace of the city I was born in,
    This city was my dream on the world,... more »

  • My Lesson

    My lesson is the authority of my soul,
    In remembering my thoughts I envisage them.
    To see their fatalities, to observe the relativities,
    And to barter the kindness is a worthy dispute.... more »

  • My Life

    My life is an ending to decide,
    My questions seem godly for this,
    And when they hurt there is much confusion.
    This way is the best on the life,... more »

  • My Life Is Fast

    Life has death due to sickness,
    Ephemeral life contains death at the end
    Of sickness.
    Dulcet living spreads with a dalliance,... more »

  • My Life Needs Love

    Deformed may my arm be
    Yet I fondle it now
    Maybe with twisting and
    Love and care, for always.... more »

  • My Liking

    My liking is of there and then,
    Across the sheep-clipped grass
    After the rivers of a mountainous beast.... more »

  • My Little One

    My little pony feels the woods of a day that dies,
    With winter is a pang of desire, with summer a certain
    Swing of the arms and legs, and autumn carries my wish
    For the spring to come always, like the fall always says.... more »

  • My Little Pennies

    My little pennies fall down the street,
    Every road must lead to your door
    Shutting and opening from time to time.
    Then, relaxed foot soldiers bombard the... more »

  • My Living

    My life is my abbey, fully praised,
    By those who entered freedom,
    In the foreign way we crazed
    And then left over wisdom.... more »

  • My Living And Dying

    Repelling and rebelling, smelling like a toad,
    This soldier has a message so like a road.
    Enclose him in words, as a dead man lurks
    In the bushes, in the trees where he works.... more »

  • My Loaf

    Then we strive for a living too perfect,
    How angered God constructs the lesions
    Of your brain, innards are intact for the life.
    Loaves of bread ingested will give output,... more »

  • My Long Road

    The road is longer than a small continent,
    It purges and crashes with dutiful sounds,
    Enigmas go unnoticed with sudden design,
    Endeavours are uprooted by their necks.... more »

  • My Loss Is Grave

    My power elite reign in coffins of desire,
    So oppressive is pain, so lustrous is platitude.
    The ephemeral loss of the day suspends suites,
    Twilight breaks open the blanket of space.... more »

  • My Love

    My love for People is so great,
    My heart melts once it has twitched;
    The nights break down to slithering pieces
    Of dark and darker pieces, shards,... more »

  • My Love Is Far Away

    It must be my love is far away,
    Looking at the musician of luck;
    He continues his roaring further
    Than the man else, living well.... more »

  • My Love Is My Thought

    My love and lobes detour in the pathway,
    Many loves are many hatreds in gestures.

    To ingrain this thought is a commotion,... more »

  • My Love Of God

    My love is an anguish sent from God,
    He has such rushing fever, ever-broad.
    The length of a man is his constitution,
    Not his age or fever of pain but his contribution.... more »

  • My Lovely Cloud

    My love for clouds is so great,
    My heart has melted forming a relationship
    ‘Til the dusk of day.
    The events of the night subsided and formed... more »