• My Loves

    My heart loves me only,
    Just keep ache in this special place.
    No roses for me now,
    Since the hearing is right.... more »

  • My Madhouse

    I was made to appear in a madhouse.

    My father’s beard was as black
    As the night of the last night,... more »

  • My Manners

    I have a manner too superior to yours,
    It encases my soul with purity and laws;
    Stupendous exertions are controlled of course,
    As the leaning of the head is considered too coarse.... more »

  • My Map

    My map is read by the whole community,
    To see where folly can be avoided.
    My real lunch escapes the imagination,
    Commoners and royalty will wield illness.... more »

  • My Master And Me

    I went many days,
    But then some master rejoiced
    In my arms, blowing out the
    Dark livid cause... more »

  • My Masters

    Almost every mammal casts oblivion,
    The sole sister is trust, the major author;
    The gondolier of truth shudders at the abyss
    I have entrusted on the kingdom of animals.... more »

  • My Meaning

    I find the reasons for displeasure in a way,
    Birthday erases bikes of selling pleasure and are away;
    I see this ashtray in some solid ticket to ride,
    The bells are sounding like heaven itself... more »

  • My Medals

    I die over my medals, which make my nose run,
    For the tears I tried to suppress, but no use,
    Both hands can not cope with any old illness,
    The way of death, and the ways of heaven.... more »

  • My Meeting With The Puppeteer

    There was a long silence,
    That I drank gratefully, facing the Prince;
    Then I came to the wooden legs
    Of a puppet trained in silver and gold.... more »

  • My Memory

    I see a memory of mine distant,
    Open your eyes to distance,
    Have a danger to excite,
    Eyes crawl, swaying and oscillating due to danger... more »

  • My Menacing Obstacle

    An obstacle has offered my solution,
    By finding a soldier of menace.
    The object must be abolished, for all time,
    To see the dying and lying we crush it.... more »

  • My Might

    Before the dawn, there was a war,
    Each war was fought like this; a stranger twist
    To the good old lie, spun by the one who wins.... more »

  • My Mind And Silver

    My mind and heart sank into a pit of humour
    As the confusion and memories of men were old,
    The days came back like the fires of the wish
    Rattling in the winds of the categories.... more »

  • My Mind Collapses

    My beauty collapses upon the mind,
    In doing this, my beauty collapses;
    For the skill offered by some stagnate it,
    Keeping a bountiful objective in view.... more »

  • My Minutes, My Seconds

    My minutes are light, my seconds can smile in verses,
    For prose is the delicacy of the brainy and bright.
    My worse sentences appall me when the tall enemy
    Condemns me, convincing my wincing habits of finesse.... more »

  • My Moon

    The moon is a lost animal, feeling lonely,
    Like divorce and wrongdoing, but it is a silver glee.
    Why are you my imaginary friend, now that light
    Has entered the rings of solitude?... more »

  • My Moon Is My Ghost

    If you have a ghost, it has a shadow,
    Two trees are two arms for the living.
    I stood over the plate of flowers,
    With fruit flowing on its edges.... more »

  • My Mother

    My mother, with her various looks,
    Was mighty with her tongue
    Since talking towards a religion
    Mattered to the rich and wealthy.... more »

  • My Mother And I

    My mother told me I was
    Beautiful. A wiggling squad of tadpoles
    Can recognise my behaviour for them.
    For they make different orders,... more »

  • My Music Of Solitude

    My music is a man of plays and solitude,
    He writes a minute and a second, for the
    Red ruin and the blue joy, the green pasture
    And the white sight, one solitude is enough.... more »

  • My Name

    All this year, all of the time,
    My names are hidden from view.
    They describe my personality
    And how it acts in front of all.... more »

  • My Name That Runs

    Underneath the sea stands a river of silk and milk that runs,
    Opening thoughts of you, the dispute of a month that runs.

    I have a maze of worries that tortures the depths of the mind,... more »

  • My Names

    My names concern the families who own them,
    How do joyous occasions measure up to a diadem?
    Houses fill our places when controversy calls,
    The names are so distinct, they happily stay balls.... more »

  • My Names Are

    My names reply to the same sound,
    Many have resolved the returns and deals,
    Like those many who read the forces.
    My names respond to the worship of beliefs,... more »

  • My Nature

    My nature is of nature itself,
    A kind light of my soul,
    The very essence that rings supreme,
    Into every knot of existence.... more »