• My Praiseworthy Way

    Telephone the heart that speaks of more arduous tasks,
    Tease its reasons for living, and search for it night and day.
    Like the heat of the sun and the glow of the moon,
    Living little by little in the realm of ages and eras,... more »

  • My Prison

    Open the doors to my prison,
    I have forsaken my presence,
    So that in my doing of this
    I cancel the evident freedom.... more »

  • My Progress

    My dreams are my possessions, they stagnate and
    Intertwine, like roaming nomads, internal progressions.

    My paths are many in the world, but one is the supreme,... more »

  • My Punishment

    I am banished from the punishment,
    One astonishes me, so much aware;
    The dishes of cameras and the trucks
    Driven across merry lanes, feel able... more »

  • My Questioner

    My hill is mounted by the breeze and myself,
    Thirst is my objection, hunger is my complaint;
    Food has argued with me beautifully,
    Drink has kept me in sorrow and grief and music.... more »

  • My Radiation

    My active soul has emitted radiation,
    Those figurines are collapsing with us;
    Let them open to the sky,
    And they fly towards their goal.... more »

  • My Recipe

    For love I design the name of wondrous nature,
    I love its wondrous age, the animal inside;
    Offering a man his peeling of fruit and vegetables,
    A cook is designing new food for heavy consumption.... more »

  • My Religion

    ... more »

  • My Respectable One

    Respect is shown to man, not to beast, nor brethren
    Of just a verbal man, a man of words without actions.

    You will learn, you will learn, of offerings given to man,... more »

  • My Response To It

    ... more »

  • My Rest Is Peace For Me

    My rest deserves peace, justice rolls
    In the shadows for the heat of heaven.
    Sun’s work is a doing, moons belong,
    But where does the camel roll over?... more »

  • My Revelry

    I ask the same gift and I hear the reply,
    Problems are mastered by the brain,
    And solutions are acquired with the heart.
    The heart is my intellect,... more »

  • My Right

    ... more »

  • My Sad Heart

    My sad heart whines for the tiny blood
    And the tiny mind of the wearer,
    Comfort enters the fold and delivers,
    When do peaceful signs excite you?... more »

  • My Saying

    I gain my saying from nervous tissue,
    Awakening from the world that studies;
    States are united on this, provinces reply
    To the language scents, the smell of roses.... more »

  • My Secret Time

    In secrecy my time is set and separate,
    My little bags are four thousand,
    Away from the date I spoke,
    As it speaks to me as a secret.... more »

  • My Seeing You

    I know that my seeing you will define me,
    But trust the visions you have adhered to,
    Like the heavenly stance of a love falling.
    Although my storey is full of speeches,... more »

  • My Senses

    My concentration is appalling due to substances
    Of the higher mind, a draining of the senses;
    Offering me a dire dinner, I lunge at you
    With blurry eyes that still remain in limbo.... more »

  • My Servants Must Work

    Well, due to my status, I see truth
    That defines my accusations,
    These reposing servants must work.... more »

  • My Shining Light

    My light shines on those who enlighten
    The few whose rhetoric can persuade a joiner
    Of faith, a certain wisdom has been attained
    By chances too slim, a faster lane is attached.... more »

  • My Sight

    My sight bulldozes my month, warm meaning,
    Yet surprising and anger making, alarming;
    The summer is a bully and event of nature,
    The sight is forced in front of my eyes like glamour.... more »

  • My Skin

    Fry his skin in evermost simplicity,
    Take a word on so I can keep the ability;
    I remember a late arrival,
    I reduce happiness-role,... more »

  • My Sky And Land

    My land resides in this heart next to me,
    Inside we see hearts of gold shining;
    Your weapons are laid, these bars of gold
    Shine further than the eye, these eyes.... more »

  • My Sleep Protects

    My sleep is my protector, it is the lesser death,
    I contain all my sides and angles within these walls.
    The animations are supremely good as they fly to us,
    Their fall is from the sphere we call life, a descent of wellness.... more »

  • My Small Lady

    My lady has died when she was a child,
    Never has a hood been recovered, for she was a child.
    The same dress she wore was red and blue,
    Like the veins and arteries of her entrails.... more »