• My Smile Is On Stage

    To contain my smile I face them who act
    Telling my stare, and wearing the fact
    I see in the corner of my existence,
    The existence holds an appearance.... more »

  • My Smile Is Unlawful

    My site for lunch is unlawful,
    For it wins its vegetables and dinner.
    The laws of an age winnow and cheat
    On some who follow the laws.... more »

  • My Soul

    Invigorating my soul is special when encountering pain,
    Pain is an issue we have to explain:
    The way a man uncovers his soul,
    As if life has been in a hellhole.... more »

  • My Soul Is Like A Star

    My soul is plunged into heavenly fire,
    Many hearts consider me dumb, deaf and blind.
    But my senses overwhelm me like a star
    Brightening and collapsing, for the believing one.... more »

  • My Soul Is Present

    The presence of my soul is due to the heart,
    Beats are numerous compared to the sins,
    Always the blood permeates the heavenly stance,
    Failing this, we retire and be rewarded for eternity.... more »

  • My Soul Weeps

    I will weep and weep for you,
    The world encaged you forcing you
    Like the love of things
    And the forgetting of death.... more »

  • My Soul’s Possessions

    I have the possessions of the world,
    I speak for life on this clay that sounds,
    My madmen surprise nobody, for they glow
    As the words are righteous for them to be.... more »

  • My Soundness

    Full of sounds my stoicism shone too brightly,
    Liking the ends of the promises that were hidden,
    For my quiet healing is a prisoner of my youth,
    A slightly blameworthy trait or attribute or name.... more »

  • My Sounds From A Master

    My sounds from prisoners hide the redundant men
    Of the west and east, their alertness commands me
    To pose the question so like the rebellion.... more »

  • My Special Role

    My special whole season is a blessing to the role,
    Petrol is performed so pay me, a blessing bright.
    The stars outperform me, the starlight is ignited
    Like an engine too blasting, too fasting of heat.... more »

  • My Spirit Collapses

    My spirit is my heart in quarters and halves,
    It collapses in front of my naked eyes at once;
    On the enigma of a fountain and a join,
    The adhesive properties come in all of a sudden.... more »

  • My Statements Of Joy

    I worthily express my statements of joy,
    Smart and simple reasoning designs
    The joy kept in my night and light,
    The very light inside the soul that plays... more »

  • My Stinging Soul

    My acts are joined with deeds of brilliance,
    A wild act encumbers the souls of right;
    The souls of wrong deliver their groups
    To the mountains of the world,... more »

  • My Story Is

    My story is the chapter of charts and chalices,
    My life is a festival of genius and gesture and guests.
    If I survive, my child will listen to the words of my love,
    My love is everlasting in the supreme heart, for this child.... more »

  • My Strangest Sleep

    My sleeping is weird and windy, deep and dramatic,
    For sudden seizures overtake me in sincere smiling.
    My sleeping of the heart and the mind is of worlds,
    Words shape the face of my life and existence.... more »

  • My Street Under The Sky

    My standing is on the sighing street, lacking health and vitality,
    Its hideous warmth caresses me with whiteness and height.
    The poles are apart, taller buildings contaminate the air once more,
    Taller, dreary clouds flamboyantly curtail the crazy skies.... more »

  • My Strength

    The day my strength desists,
    Is the day my time is at an end.
    From loving of my shadow
    I speak of a darkness to behold.... more »

  • My Studious Ways

    I ring for coffee, cigarette, and gin, and take
    My chair so faded, to the designs we must start;
    Re-reading the letters in front,
    I rate the fluency and style,... more »

  • My Suitcase Floated

    I wanted my suitcase that day to be suitable,
    I claimed a life of my own, an iceberg floated
    Till the world dropped far too slowly;
    My eyelids fluttered, due to the devastation,... more »

  • My Sun

    My Sun is perfect, fully apt to give energy,
    May this perfect star be so small, so heavy.
    The gaseous ball will quench the thirst,
    Be like stars of the night, and stay then.... more »

  • My Supreme Deity

    I have worshipped a deity of supreme love,
    So I could reach my microscopic destination.
    Where is my passive hardship leading me?
    Why do the thieves in my alphabet console me?... more »

  • My Suzerain

    He is my suzerain, a mighty blow to the heart,
    Downcast is the training of my heart that masters
    The lamentable tones, as they unfold with crying.
    Callous inhuman works are committed by some gross devil,... more »

  • My Talk Of Dragons

    My talk is never at cost, it does not earn wages,
    The dragons and its language despise with buzzes.
    The armour of the reptilian race shall be noble,
    Force talking, force information from the abnormal.... more »

  • My Tears Are Of Sages

    My tears are my rain, my face is of mirrors of milk,
    This is my fence of heaven, my factory of bliss.
    Divine callers denote their signs in ever-increasing circles,
    So my reflection resounds in the heavens and earth.... more »

  • My Test

    My fault lies in the tests not passed,
    On the relics I have inscribed my answers
    To the tests of my life.
    For this the tremendous work has believed... more »