• Near The Light

    I have neared the light shaking my tongue,
    It acts with language extinguishing the light;
    The candles burn like torches of the sky,
    The sky believes in us, with its rays of light... more »

  • Nearer

    ... more »

  • Nearer To Trees

    This is nearer to the trees, fully awkward,
    An award has reshaped my mapped life;
    Like the touch of breakfast, the forming meal
    Of the paper-like day, rocky hills stagnate the time.... more »

  • Neatly Dressed Droids

    We were very neatly dressed to the writing,
    You are perfect in the splendour of the stomach,
    We were spreading the speedy victory,
    Spending the honey and food for the decisions.... more »

  • Needing A Break

    People need a break in the day,
    Little is on the horizon, of this day.
    Open affairs clasp and mismanage
    For the days are not nights.... more »

  • Needles In The Feet

    Needles in the feet fear us as we ask the questions,
    A little pain is there, hearing me as I speak,
    Jostling with rage and pain of the ever sweet.
    My neck is ambushed, an array is at my joyous right,... more »

  • Neither Do I Love

    Neither do I love the guilt of love,
    Nor can someone accept my love.
    I am a mere comical being -
    A ready instrument for loving people!... more »

  • Never Be Lonely

    Never be a lonely person of the acre,
    Do not lie or force this moneymaker;
    For to watch is greater than to read
    And mastering has improvement to bleed.... more »

  • Never Can We Know

    Never in this world can we know
    The country of a person who rides
    His car for more than twenty years.
    Beaming on the world its lights are out,... more »

  • Never Conquered

    I am never conquered by the flute of immortality,
    They wage war on the definite souls of integrity,
    But immortals win in lustre and might, and so
    The flowers and towers burgeon brightly,... more »

  • Never Deceive

    Never does deceit occupy the place of heat,
    Heats are savage creatures of such fighters;
    Many are the cheaters of the century,
    They fought along the righteous ways... more »

  • Never Fear

    Fear is survived from the ability
    Featured in the collection of souls in your soul.
    Your practice mattered to the guardians of ignorance
    Who never learn of their souls.... more »

  • Never Forgotten

    I will never forget the mind's eye,
    How is death encapsulated by brilliant
    Sight? The divine sight has ordered me
    To fight, to fight the darkness in the lane.... more »

  • Never Give A Problem

    Never do people give a problem
    To the leader of happiest results;
    The signs of the day are upon him,
    To create the stupendous change.... more »

  • Never In This Mood

    Never in this mood do we spend money,
    Gold will descend and fill your heart with riches;
    But the anguish of a motherly woman is great,
    That the feet and hands succumb to play.... more »

  • Never In This Place

    Never in this place called Earth
    Has a home been built,
    Bodies of strong youth
    Are in the nights of density.... more »

  • Never In This World

    Never in the world is there peace,
    Peace is an unity, the world is at war.
    May ghosts envelop us with shrouds
    And overshadow the world for its work.... more »

  • Never Land

    I love the ease I can take
    In this lovely wonderland
    I have called my dreams,
    My dreams hide this place.... more »

  • Never Lie

    Never do the lies of a man penetrate the ill people,
    Their states are bold and their friendship is strong.
    Not in a million cities is found a stallion that rides
    Inside the minds of the young men and women of right.... more »

  • Never Mind

    Never will minds display their rectitude
    Until the swerving thoughts be riddles and spots
    To join into sins of the higher arts.
    The beauty of the mind concerns me,... more »

  • Never Mind Books

    Books are forces,
    They are resources,
    His mind just deserves,
    And it contains and preserves... more »

  • Never Pain

    ... more »

  • Never Say It

    Never can an image betray somebody so bad,
    All the wisdom is in the story of old,
    We carry on like some would have done,
    Sometimes the throat is alive with sound,... more »

  • Never The Agony

    Agitate me not, agonize me never,
    Such is the speed of thinking.
    Aloud are words of quite a little thought,
    The mind differs from occasion to occasion.... more »

  • Never The Lady

    Never in this lady is a land of misfortune,
    Opening heavenly straits and traits of fortune,
    So that faces differ, apologise and freeze
    Now that peace has entered so blissfully.... more »