• No Eyes

    No eyes for beautiful talk,
    Or living beyond sight,
    Stung by the bees and wasps
    In flight from a tree or realm.... more »

  • No Grand Garden

    There is no grand garden like a soul,
    To expose the wrongs of our society.
    My gown of gravity and graveness shines
    With pity and piety, without a sincere one.... more »

  • No Night Is Wiser

    Not a night partakes in joy of regional history,
    That I howl in the hole of strife, the triumphant
    Weapon is adorned by the barbaric elements.
    No night enjoys the barbarians called beasts... more »

  • No One Is Counting

    No one is counting the numbers of study,
    My upper eyelids flutter explaining the illness,
    So study and finality trust me with nothingness.
    The upper forehead shines brightly like the rain,... more »

  • No Sage

    No sage has record of the event,
    These are false keepers of knowledge;
    Influence of the worst monster
    Falls on the weak and lame,... more »

  • No Snow

    There is no snow in winter so long,
    The trembling mother who is song
    Can bring safety to white light
    Accusing safe horizons to open by sight.... more »

  • No View Of Fruit

    No view has endeavoured like the painting,
    No bitter fruit combines with unripe apple,
    And so it tastes complete, with sounds and words
    Appalling like the winds of the fruity flavours.... more »

  • No Wars

    Be wars of the highest enquiry,
    No matter what truth is thrown around the world!
    Nobody gives passports in this generation,
    More respect stands for the patriot,... more »

  • No, Search This Creation

    No, search the limits of this creation, search those
    Differing, like the whole limits that invade us with pride.
    The crust of this world collides with a thousand birds,
    Flying with light in their wings, shunning the Earth below.... more »

  • Noble Knight

    Of noble blood we walk like telephones
    To talk to the world about life as we know it.
    Raw meat is sheltered by the souls of metal,
    How easier is the task of the bold and splendid?... more »

  • Nobody But Me

    Nobody but me considers the factors for belief,
    The knowledge of goodness is far away and unobserved.
    This is the chair I sit in, a way of knowing the comfort,
    When strife is a feature no longer resident.... more »

  • Nobody Has Battle

    Let nobody hear my praise for the one soldier of words,
    Innocent and bleeding, he is stability and peace again.
    Let this letter reach him while I am dead in the hearts of many,
    Death is the comfort of my life, death is the teller of this world.... more »

  • Nobody Knows

    Nobody knows, nobody begets a being
    So wonderful as the soul we own and adore;
    Gravely, a sound uttered is a sound fulfilling,
    For we wear the clothes of abundance.... more »

  • Nobody Loves Me

    Nobody in the world loves me,
    For they abstain from my brain,
    As it watches them day and night
    Living a race with me as if birth was death.... more »

  • Nobody Moves

    Nobody moves in me, not anyone,
    I am silent as a heavenly soul;
    My dreams reveal a hidden image
    Of persuasion, of excellence.... more »

  • Nobody Wants It

    To being I commit a deed truthful, complete,
    And lower I feel if wont has delighted itself.
    Your diamonds are the jewels of heaven,
    As if the platform you face is higher,... more »

  • Noisy Crowd

    I observed the noisy crowd with ears to the main door,
    A dull, green coat was a bitter coat for the doors were huge;
    I saw them greener than the rest of mankind,
    For the alien is a miserable creation of higher wit.... more »

  • Nomad

    My legs are sand, my legs are sand,
    Fulfilling the land which is desert and sound
    Of heat waves, sounds so glorious above.
    My hands are my feet, and my eyes shine... more »

  • Nomadic

    ... more »

  • Nomadic Tribes

    The nomads of the east are upon us,
    Life here is bleak, since armed combat is certainness.
    The nomads of the east prefer clothing of beauty,
    Happiest beauty prevails with battle, for it is duty.... more »

  • Non-Life

    Hell is non-life, much matters in it,
    For the evil splendidly walked on thin ice
    Watering Hell, and underground their hidden faces
    Were held in shock at the grave ness released... more »

  • Noon Retaliates

    The noon is the noon, day after risings,
    A wonderful night ensues to surely retaliate,
    As their images are precisely decapitating
    And the decimal numbers lose on the score... more »

  • Noosed

    A draping rope is attached to my skull,
    Inside is the whole realm of a wrong.
    It is explanatory, selfish of me to deny,
    That the noose is eloquent in talking.... more »

  • Normal Men Now Knowing

    I see a man who forces my knowing head
    To scrutinize his face, and dozens of fields
    Of learning gaze back at me for the bed
    Is low on the ground and I need shields.... more »

  • Not Named

    Not his word, not the name of his
    Resides in the minds of elders.
    Seas of laughter, wonderful voices
    Just cheer his real name.... more »