• O Vampire!

    Force him to drink the blood of a horse,
    From the fangs, O Vampire!

    You must first apologize for Me,... more »

  • O Wonderful!

    O Wonderful! You transmit light so as to burn,
    Your starry nature defies all known wonders;
    No one else knows the differences, but you,
    For you are towards the land and sea,... more »

  • O You Hearer

    O you hearer of my glad news, finish the honest gesture,
    Expel the sheep of your dreams, excel in permissions.
    Hunting is not permitted in this realm of the imagination,
    One accuses me of sanctuaries too resentful and caught.... more »

  • Oaths

    Grizzly oaths match thanks to destinations in that old death,
    You create a loneliness in the river of time and tragedy.
    If all of Spring and Summer were falling away adding solutes for all,
    I cook him her and he master himself the lost revelry.... more »

  • Obese War

    Obese facts like the trails,
    Paths of destruction are limited;
    May fortune be warrior,
    Obesity is a risk of the war.... more »

  • Obnoxious Powers

    An obnoxious man read the rich powers now cheap,
    To the broad and the odd, I confess to housekeep;
    Like those aided and forced, in a way to out leap,
    Like an outlaw that managed a way to the jeep.... more »

  • Obtained By Ghosts

    Ghosts obtain justice from us,
    As we are near extinction.
    Ghosts monitored our moves
    Like houses of parliament.... more »

  • Ocean Of Words

    My names are foals and calves of the tundra of joy,
    Many witness the rain, many witness the pain,
    As I raid the rivers of their mud and silver,
    Collecting waters sugary and milky, without squares.... more »

  • Odd Thought

    We aren’t going to do anything Odd?
    We might do worse as a false nod.
    There is no end of difference, just stop,
    For whichever way you choose nobody is Top.... more »

  • Odium

    The odium I uncovered still blesses me
    With the days ahead and the nights to come.
    My innocence stands as a lasting tactic,
    Reluctance is the quality I most suppose.... more »

  • Of A Country

    What is the premise of civilisation?
    One counts the number of prizes in this world,
    Where are the doers of innocent farewells?
    The words of a world are few and many,... more »

  • Of A Great Day

    One reason to cross the line of hazards
    Composes me a story to lead the eternal life.
    Heaven will only take it, fury collapses,
    Can you not give this fury to me?... more »

  • Of Century

    I saw the spirit of a century,
    I saw the seller of monotony and pain,
    For each woke and sold
    Their wonderful feeling,... more »

  • Of Disease

    The lieutenant of disease is apart,
    Festering and stagnating into nothing
    But a rank of nothingness,
    Feeling as a feeler, feeling notions... more »

  • Of Flame

    In the sun we work and run like warriors of flame,
    Inside this star of dirt, we see the fires of our game.
    Inner souls fetch the flame and soar into the skies,
    First to interrupt then to conserve, even then to actualize.... more »

  • Of Luxury

    Brush off the camps of luxury,
    Brain after brain collapses with sites;
    My boys are like cherries of this century,
    With acting and glory as the effect of gladness.... more »

  • Of Names

    To first take notice of my name
    Is wanted, when the eyes and ears matter;
    Sleeping in the night is heavier than replies,
    Stories of ancient nature shall be wept in dreams,... more »

  • Of Reactions

    Think of my personage and react,
    Think of myself in the same thinking,
    And then reorder the feelings of data.
    But come in the way you wish and need,... more »

  • Of The Apes

    The words I give to the police
    Are like an emergency of laziness.
    My policies are like trees so learned,
    Yesterday I sat on them on the canopy... more »

  • Of The Citadel

    He with his thighs entered the rank of a guard,
    Fully visited by the sick and brotherly as a dying soldier,
    Making me hurt from his filthy endeavor,
    Living another visitor, and all his fever,... more »

  • Of The City And Its Song

    The police of the city composes its song,
    Soil and treasure hides in the town long.
    The gold of a golden height is of a higher
    State, the golden diet, a golden permutation.... more »

  • Of The Day

    There has been worry and strife all year,
    The sloping ground and the abhorrent facts show;
    The showing of nature is then spinning first,
    With regards to the godly labour, and desks of thinking.... more »

  • Of The Lines

    It was an agreement of the lines,
    The days of a child devastated few,
    But thrust into the corner of the woods
    Was a sighing creature of danger,... more »

  • Of The Plagues

    Noisome fears last of the plagues,
    But gems are stored from the bogs;
    Our boots roll like bags on a summer,
    This winter we seem like a hummer... more »

  • Of True Knowing

    For a dealer of the truth seek knowledge for him,
    Then wisdom spins through the fingers like silk;
    This spider is you when you deal with stranger joys,
    Climbing like an arthropod of great slimness.... more »