• On The Way

    On the way, something particularly caught me,
    As if surprise had cancelled the effort of a lifetime;
    While I explained my path in life to myself,
    A little animal jumped on me with its jaws,... more »

  • On This Day

    On this day we search for you,
    On it there stays a message for all.
    I challenge the ones who stay
    To a duel for the wise-at-heart.... more »

  • On This Earth

    On this earth you are worth a world of doings and deeds,
    A sidekick, a barter, a goal has been uprooted from you.
    About the heavens. we time ourselves as fire and lines
    Of poetry, lines of buildings and words that concern.... more »

  • On This Path

    I see on this path a warrior of worship,
    The sun has beaten his skull with its heat,
    Being silent and complete, like most heavens.

    I see on this path a dancer in crimes due to him,... more »

  • On This Rainbow

    On this rainbow an arrow has been released
    By the flowers that grow on grass, passing their tests
    As rain does, within the spring and summer meanings,
    Seeds are seen according to bleeding veins of light.... more »

  • Once A Dream

    Once a dream had weaved its spell
    And had met such finality to smile on the face,
    Looking at the lights of the water,
    The heart sank its sights on the absolved,... more »

  • Once A Life

    Once the living men and women thrive
    On us, we swerve and manoeuvre to be the best
    From the people caring for their hats,
    As far as the ears can travel.... more »

  • Once Collected

    Once on a frosty Monday in December
    Eloquent tongues collected and dismayed
    The population so that they were glad and bald,
    Vicious and sad, with rage as the main tool.... more »

  • Once, There Were Stars

    Once the stars replay their brightness,
    A shunned one called a human alerts us
    In alarming attitudes, forming the frames
    Of a mind that plays on emotions.... more »

  • One Anger

    The men of the beings are greater than snow,
    That falls onwards and outwards like the blizzards.
    Throughout centuries, the history of men and
    The gaze upon the stars foreshadowed oblivion.... more »

  • One Arm And One Leg

    May one arm be a leg of firmness,
    The other leg rescues a little more;
    More than the bridge and the ceiling,
    We are more than the innocent inside.... more »

  • One Astronomer

    I need the sky like a stage has been performed,
    Stages of the astronomical man seem to resonate.
    His accusation seems strange to humankind,
    The stars of our love occupy and astonish,... more »

  • One Bastion

    One bastion so burdening and cruel is like a nocturnal visit,
    Its light inside enlightens us more than anything else;
    Fulfilment has come about, for the internal light has spoken,
    Traversing the air with sound as well - an explosion is heard!... more »

  • One Battle

    One battles with flesh of wines and surging heat,
    Embezzling is the past tragic event of sires who recede,
    But one bent to the tortures of forgotten gods
    Spends time with furies and finalities of the flesh.... more »

  • One Begotten Peasant

    One fine day a distaste occurs to the whole cast of characters,
    The pen stands on the edge of the world so that we can act;
    Shocked by the head, I acted according to the need of operations,
    From it was a kindness of the eyes and ears that sensed a luck.... more »

  • One Bitterness

    One bitter angle has appeared for little,
    Giants are blander now that you sow
    The seeds of this world that works for you.
    Fruits are like genes of the highest chill,... more »

  • One Bride

    Brides are like birds with love of the heart,
    Flight is inside the rights of humankind;
    One groom reads from the book of heaven,
    One woman leads the submissions of moderation.... more »

  • One Brotherhood

    One brotherhood is able to burst,
    Little hope is cashed by children,
    Let alone the misery of noughts
    And elected noughts of shadow.... more »

  • One By One

    All that shines will cost the report,
    The sun shines and forever more;
    Loathing a fenced garden can bring
    Me worry, worries are about more now.... more »

  • One Can Travel

    One can travel safe, like pollen brambles,
    Soaking wet men are hazards so active;
    Notice the skill regularly dusted by travel,
    Wielding swords is a trick of the sand.... more »

  • One Corridor

    One alley is a corridor of beauty to onlookers
    And travellers of joyous occasions, the onlooking
    Crowd have a torrential spirit of pain and bliss,
    According to laws of the alley and corridor.... more »

  • One Day

    One day a day had split and all the fearful secrets
    Let their aura be a joy to the welcome ones;
    Two days passed to interact with the nights of internal nature,
    Their offerings were blatant,... more »

  • One Day I Saw You

    One day I saw you in heaven,
    Too far away, too near the day
    I possess in my heart of hearts;
    That the soul transferred its weight... more »

  • One Day I Say

    One day my sayings grew old, renewing me,
    Like the spirit of the pen, listing minor phrases.
    It was a modern world living with a modern world;
    One night my statements looked backwards... more »

  • One Deed

    Justify one deed of your existence,
    In front of God is the real assistance.
    Happy are children, the likable ones,
    With them are common thoughts and impressions.... more »