• One Desert For One Deserter

    One fine day I understood him as a book
    To be opened by the pages or the pages;
    If from far off lands a word bespoke
    I was to swear my allegiance to a god of stone.... more »

  • One Died

    One died a fortunate idea after some elephant waded in,
    Its trunk roared like a mouth as its stream of hair was inside;
    The extinction of the dinosaurs near,
    Those are perhaps the facts of death... more »

  • One Enjoys

    One enjoys the soul as a relief,
    Opening goodness for confusion;
    This day my loves are numberless,
    This soul of mine outnumbers the Hell,... more »

  • One Eye

    I open my eyes to the other side,
    Lowering the jaws, guilty of crime;
    Offerings are made regularly,
    Forcing the life into a stupor.... more »

  • One Fears Them

    Tomorrow we hate and today we greet,
    If in this period of lust there is treasure.
    The gems of forever are locked in their necklace,
    One adorns its lustre, and one feels like the men.... more »

  • One Feels His Friend

    One feels the drums beating in the sound of the air,
    Ears are popping, pulling the ropes of an eternal tension.
    Let go of friendship, for all friends will die before birth,
    The one who is Friend is indeed the one most beloved.... more »

  • One Flower

    One flower overpowers everything that grows alike,
    Two seasons evacuate the public for as many seconds
    As the bliss surrounding us.
    This year we grow our fields of barley,... more »

  • One Force

    One forces the aeroplane to be a journey,
    An army of bombs slays the comradeship,
    One bottle bespeaks like the plague,
    One is better for the speech of a bowl.... more »

  • One Forgets

    One forgets people who disappear only twice,
    Underneath the visage is a hidden fault
    To be masked for all eternity;
    Like the offices of the state that ponder on the crowds... more »

  • One Game

    One game is southern breeze,
    Once the lamentations have subsided,
    When the clock has timed the changes
    And the space of a breeze has arisen.... more »

  • One Has Been Stung

    Wringing one tone that closes
    Then arises with a thought that arises,
    It accuses me with its language
    And bemoans upon the bed of baggage.... more »

  • One Has Children

    One suddenly bears the children of tomorrow,
    Begotten few are the begotten many,
    Filling the gas stations day by day
    Like cars of the fraternity.... more »

  • One Hears The Sea

    One hears the sea in the jugular vein,
    One spies on tragedy if the ends are sane;
    If often it plays on the mind that letters remain,
    Let their contents spill and be wonder!... more »

  • One Heart Has Dreamt

    One dream awakens the heart with titans,
    Once the lights are dimmed forever in the arts,
    When waiting has erupted like an angry unfit volcano,
    Dancing in the night with life and dread and shame.... more »

  • One Heaven

    The best of the people are among the few,
    Heaven creates a space for the ones who love;
    Inside this sanctum so like a happiness
    Resides a gauntlet and dress to guard it.... more »

  • One Hit To The Brain

    One hit to the brain is apt for it,
    One melodious tune is apt,
    As virtue increases with goodness.
    Opening the disease is consequential,... more »

  • One Horse

    One horse is once on the horizon,
    One fought would be a flower in the city,
    Living a lie too small and big,
    Loathing the bullets flying and spinning.... more »

  • One House

    One hall of the house resounds like shells,
    Parents did not conceive of thoughts of you.
    Now it was finished, fully from the heart,
    Greatness invades the massive world, the planet.... more »

  • One Imagines In Dreams

    Dreams are dreams that die,
    Dying is part of nature offering my
    Sons and daughters to the right,
    And this family is too departed.... more »

  • One Is Superior

    One sense of superiority overwhelmed me from above,
    I replied only to stationary objects that cast a light of dying
    Natural loveliness, and so I shook my head to warn us tightly,
    Breaking the bonds so uniform as can be expected.... more »

  • One Is Supreme

    One plate is fixed to the ends,
    This wonderful object I can light up
    With my eyes, and then the ideas run
    Into the bridge, where faces turn.... more »

  • One Justice

    Upon the table one comments on justice,
    Four corners taste the food of our liking,
    Just hearts hear my side of the stories,
    Very infinite is the beak of the fathers.... more »

  • One Knows

    One knows one can repel
    The forces of evil with cannons
    After the view is taken by some.
    The views expressed occur for us,... more »

  • One Lake

    A flight on a lake is skidding like that,
    A swanning obvious one, a skimming release
    Of energetic gust and water, a water too late.
    He is burdened by me, by my singing song... more »

  • One Leader Of The Night

    One head speaks too loudly that it shatters,
    People have played their hearts too fitly,
    Wondering about the lights and nights,
    Feeling pity, finding intellect in their wake,... more »