• One Lies About Oblivion

    One lies to please me into oblivion,
    Each orchestra has attacked,
    One mighty blow has encrypted itself,
    Feelings will now disappear.... more »

  • One Man

    One man has witnessed the plains of heaven,
    Another resides in his palace of woe,
    For this return a captain builds his ship
    To see further than the stars, the moon,... more »

  • One Merry Day

    One merry day confesses after us,
    After we describe the goals we create,
    As we consider the arguments of life.... more »

  • One Moment

    One moment is a dire warning,
    One preys on the weak men
    Breeding in the weak fortunes;
    This health of the honey is sweet... more »

  • One Night Of Doubt

    One night varies with the deeds of honour,
    Brave battles surge on with infinite recessions;
    One war is enough to wage in a scary salary,
    The money is the beauty, the riches are coming.... more »

  • One Of These Pure Days

    One day a woman has a wish to be a mortal being,
    And death she asks after too many years of living,
    But death has not arrived for her remarks.
    One day a man decided to lash the slaves in the room,... more »

  • One Of Those Dragged

    One wight laughed its loudest one,
    One titan stomped too far into lies,
    Their feet were dragged by the teeth,
    Opening their turrets like a dragging zone.... more »

  • One Paper To Sense

    A poem causes the mastering of effects,
    Under me destruction captivates the senses;
    Luring us in many ways the judgement stands
    As two paths meet into one too long roadway.... more »

  • One Plaza

    A plaza of flowers red and green
    Is found by the hundreds of gatherers
    Exciting their youth and delivering
    Their offspring in a few years.... more »

  • One Region

    Inside the region called Monotheism,
    I gladly foretold my own Time,
    Forever, I said it was waste
    To take on too much taste,... more »

  • One Revolution

    The clouds are paling and fading as destruction hovers,
    Loathe them forwards, headlong like a wolf of heaven.
    Take your harness to ratify the cultivation of sin,
    Loathe him mysteriously, likely ideologies are in mind.... more »

  • One Road

    One road is like the follower of a messenger,
    It winds and turns like a bottle on the head of waves.
    The changing of the heart is a melody of nature,
    Its soldiers are marching towards the heavenly sky.... more »

  • One Sea

    One who speaks from the heart and his folly,
    Is one who conquers the old hearts and their acidity.

    The wand abuses no other man than the one kingly,... more »

  • One Sees So Hard

    One sees woes of foreign forelocks,
    To formulate these forelocks is hard;
    I nominate them after the race,
    A monthly prize awaits us in the stay.... more »

  • One Shark

    The friends on this island are cheerful to me,
    Like a seaman I stay where I am - at the sea.
    There are fellow fishermen who know me
    Just as they know you as a proper joyous person.... more »

  • One Soul

    You only have one soul,
    From it is produced many souls;
    One can be woman,
    Another can be man,... more »

  • One Star

    One star divides due to a godly dispute
    Yesterday, when today the feelings are lame,
    Long hair devises a cure for the nightingale
    As it visits your window and door every day.... more »

  • One Thinks

    I am a barrier to the sick and ill,
    My health is everlasting like the sun.
    It illustrates the beginning of laughter,
    Its smile is of purity and purpose.... more »

  • One Time

    One time my next day becomes a future for me,
    In this righteous activity the solutions of the wood
    Make it burn like fire.
    A deep understanding burdens my very intimacy,... more »

  • One To Know

    One knowledge can be overpowering,
    Like stars travelling we stay and deliver
    The praise to one who finds it as a measure.
    The real treasure binds one's heart to love,... more »

  • One Understands Him

    One understands the relentless purges of the horizon,
    It resists our call after the worst nightmare or dream,
    Offering support to it creates disharmony on the globe.
    One understands the joining of such armies oftentimes,... more »

  • One Way

    One way of acting is by loving your teacher
    So that you learn, learn and learn more
    In front of Your Creator; the very place of blessings
    Arrives at one's knees, as the knowledge is spoken.... more »

  • One Whisper

    One beautiful whisper caused me to think,
    What a careless whisper it truly is!
    One sees the careful and brave in videos,
    Where are the young who persevere in life?... more »

  • One World Rescuing Me

    If one world believed in me
    I would keep frankness and courage;
    My character would be deceased,
    Coming with coined disease that shattered... more »

  • One’s Crime

    One argues over the statements of time,
    Many act with centuries of crime;
    But when buried are the young and old,
    We cry and liven to see the odd be controlled.... more »