• Ongoing

    There is a glad running game,
    Offered to winners already.
    They climb and stand, fight and work,
    Worrying like swimmers forever.... more »

  • Only Grace

    Grace is the thanks you donate to the country,
    For the knowledge of a great life acquires a trust;
    One nation builds and reflects in this reality of light,
    The same light of a friendly person so encumbered.... more »

  • Only Money Is Good

    Looking into the flask we dine and cheer on,
    Like dominoes falling in unison, falling endlessly.
    The richer air forgives the soul as it sparkles and sprinkles,
    Forming real avenues of thinkers who are muter than before.... more »

  • Only My Wealth

    Only heaven, only mist, my sacred fortune
    Is ceasing to be, opening now into good fellowship.
    I have meanings, too many friends,
    I bless each when they arrive;... more »

  • Only Promise

    Sadly, the only promise he made to me
    Was for my life to be safe, hazards absent
    And away, utterly nothing to do with life.... more »

  • Only The Eyes

    Only the eyes must vanish, neither harm must arise,
    Nor should grief touch the heart harder than He.
    For what is in the heavens is the heartiness,
    Opening a love through the eyes, conversing in bounties.... more »

  • Only The Slaves

    How to regard a manner as decent
    Is only a requirement of manliness.
    It despises the master to see the slave perish,
    And the men have reawakened.... more »

  • Open A Book

    To unfurl the articles of a book
    I read fashionably the one I partook.
    Craving on the combinations like flowers
    Sing aside each other, I gathered powers.... more »

  • Open And Smile

    I open the door and smile,
    Like a circle and a triangle,
    Filling the balms of nature
    With laughter and praise.... more »

  • Open In A Worry

    Open in a worry, open with fits,
    Let happy work collide with this sitting.

    May showers of laughter shine with rain,... more »

  • Open It

    Open the parchment when you read,
    To keep a cure I heal with the word.
    It is a single word that is written
    And read in a greeting what is bitten.... more »

  • Open Me Up

    Open me up on June,
    Summer is a surgeon.
    The roots of my herb are
    Inside the body then.... more »

  • Open My Heart

    Open my heart in pure knowledge, and always
    Hide him, your ghostly
    Giver of death and glory, all heavenly.... more »

  • Open That Door

    Open the door to Paradise if your hurt is special,
    For then the polite soul creates itself in some line,
    To feel this line creates so many shortnesses,
    For the soul is nobody but the defender of his case.... more »

  • Open The Door

    ... more »

  • Open The Doors To Paradise

    Open and close the doors to Paradise,
    Living and liking the task, of Paradise.

    Snakes have chances when vomiting,... more »

  • Open The Freezers

    Open the freezers now that curtains rise,
    Maybe the frost and the ice can overrun.
    Towards the aghast crowd a volley is thrown
    To deter them as we surprise, forming it.... more »

  • Open The Gates Of Happiness

    Open the gates of happiness to astound the cherished soul,
    May forgiven people follow and let them repent further.
    Once the repentance stops close those gates they build,
    So that forgiving can be a virtue of the highest strength.... more »

  • Open The King’s Heart

    Open the heart, and rain with blood,
    Who is your king in flood and in odd culture?
    Up with God touches his mind and crown,
    Defeat royalty and riches for the achievement.... more »

  • Open The Mouth

    My partner opens his mouth,
    Looking like a reposing man;
    Men and women inspire others,
    Bringing brilliant bags of decisions.... more »

  • Open The Window

    Open any window, then wind enters
    Hostile weathers do arise from the sun,
    As far as eyes see, the ultimate warrior
    Causes me to resent the sunny climate.... more »

  • Opening

    Open this book after closing it,
    A page from a crafty pen is written;
    The ink and sheets of paper stay together,
    A dagger can not sigh on the word.... more »

  • Opening Our Doors

    I heard so many voices, opening the door,
    Father does not know who they are, so we ignore.

    Their appearance mattered to the public,... more »

  • Opening The Faithful Doors

    Open the doors to faith glistening within the breasts
    Of men who you ponder on and worship with glee;
    Their faith is bigger than a thousand monuments,
    Fixing their stare over the negroes and westerners... more »

  • Opening To Inhale

    Gases are not solids when inhaled,
    Opening is closing, joking is laughing.
    To close I think it awkward,
    To open I might revolve and learn all politeness.... more »