• Opinions Matter

    Certain convictions clear the thoughts,
    Their prefects in our lesson are bolder
    And far by the worthy children
    That think they are clever,... more »

  • Oppressed

    Kill any being that devours us,
    But we are attacked on all sides.

    Depression sets in to equal the stay,... more »

  • Optimism

    You never seemed at their times
    A positive proof of happiness;
    Wishes were neighbours of my father’s youth,
    With its bad contrivances and mistaken acts.... more »

  • Optimism And Pessimism

    A man is an optimist, he produces
    The money and the head;
    My poison is the calibre of a straight
    Star in hands of the fierce and deadly.... more »

  • Orange Palms

    If you believe in orange, ordained hands,
    If signs are strong, mighty and ornamental,
    This day the strong winds have understood the pain.
    It was special defeat, a specific recompense,... more »

  • Orchestral Death

    Scarred and bearing marks of ghosts,
    The injured fellow abstains from blood
    And the noise of his straightforward heart;
    Mingled with the hare is the rabbit.... more »

  • Orchid, Magnolia, Foxglove

    Orchids are the white of the earth's crust,
    Ghost ones are rare, a home is their sanctuary.
    Your hair must be straightened in the sight of lovers,
    For your passionate face is lighter and paler then most.... more »

  • Ordered One

    ... more »

  • Organizations

    An ordinary organization becomes excessive
    In its use of words, to confound the other people.
    A gathering descends from the sky to last
    For a very long time in troubles of yours.... more »

  • Organized Force

    An organized force shall belittle me when,
    The final gestures have been consumed,
    The little heavenly feelings are swallowed,
    The innocent children of nights condemn us.... more »

  • Origin

    What is the origin of a prize?
    Do men buy it for another prize?
    No, it's bought by the creams and almonds.
    One feels exhilarated by the dog howls,... more »

  • Ornamental Art

    A brood of ornaments relax on the table of dreams,
    Its lustre is the potion we imbibe and engross when in a state
    Of belief that is known to man.
    This instrument my father stole,... more »

  • Other Houses

    My house builds other houses,
    Opening fires and closing the clothes;
    Make it exist beyond the shadows,
    Surprise us with its expectant earnings.... more »

  • Other Men

    I may support the other men on the right,
    On the left are housed the uplifted crew,
    Dashing spirits and well-deserved rights
    Issue from their souls like a light that governs.... more »

  • Other Nights

    This night fed the other rights,
    Young textures of the sight.
    These solid lines blink and glow,
    Fitting with standards new and old.... more »

  • Other Side

    To move to the other side of the globe,
    Create my vehicle like a carrying case.
    To instil the sword you must cry and die,
    So that first you succeed, second you triumph.... more »

  • Our Abacus

    ... more »

  • Our Country

    Their country treated them well,
    Like an animal is kept a good pet.
    Forms of employment missed us and wedded us,
    Concern for the violent debt whets our appetite.... more »

  • Our Crucial Sense

    We see according to our senses,
    The attributes of the sick collaborate
    To define an illness of the whole heartache.
    One soul instils the righteous men... more »

  • Our Differences With Poetry

    You balance yourself on these lines as the sentence is clear,
    It differed from all the worldly possessions to the eye
    As each eye was indoctrinated, each eye blinked to the sight
    Of the sentences that were temporary, always exact and narrow... more »

  • Our Eyes And Ears

    Yet we revise our papers for the pleasure
    Of a single marriage, the best secret.
    Pleasant places and airspaces shall head
    The hair of a sudden astonishing thing.... more »

  • Our Family Joy

    The next world buys us time for the place is noon,
    Noon is the time of this place, this very beautiful dwelling.
    We saw a world so similar when we found beauty,
    The work of youth is about when we force.... more »

  • Our Fate

    Our fate defines the way we live,
    So search for the divine court where
    Living dissolves in front of you,
    Miracles dine on your head at the other end.... more »

  • Our Health

    What is coating is vastly improving our health,
    The factors are manifold, so sudden and alert;
    The finality of a leader is expertly considered,
    Factors are like factorials in the making,... more »

  • Our House Is Safe

    I thought not. All the men who conceived a philosophy
    Would think it was not true.
    What? That houses and homes are in safety,
    And so much that we are residents in safety.... more »