• Overgrown

    There is no coverage of the overgrown,
    They recline and taste on the toiling tails
    With energetic qualms and perpetual gloom,
    With visions after visions of the blind heart.... more »

  • Overwhelming Dresses

    I sat quite still, like a beast at work
    For the father began to suggest a work;
    The dresses overwhelmed the mountain
    Of lovers that overcame the loathers of heat.... more »

  • Own Place Of The City

    Kevin was born in his own place of the city,
    The predators engaged in conversation.
    This haunted land was joined with him,
    An early enemy concerned him, wanting, waiting.... more »

  • Pace The Beach

    This house, this place I call a mansion,
    Was rippled with disgust as the rains turned;
    Cupboards vibrating, pots dismounting,
    The earth was shattering in the hoses.... more »

  • Page Of A Soldier

    May the riddle of time be effort,
    The full moon is upon us alert.
    May sanctions miss, tears never fall,
    For days are outrun by the soldiers of all.... more »

  • Pages Are Pages

    He has gone. No activity, this is my letter,
    The one rustling in the shade of a tree.
    My bottle in the sea lives with me, exiting
    From me when seas are rustling like pages.... more »

  • Pain?

    ... more »

  • Painful

    ... more »

  • Painful Competition

    ... more »

  • Painful Danger

    Painful and melodic agony creates a noise
    Throughout the plastic days of dust,
    The dusty dangers crop up with something
    Hoarse with hissing not purring,... more »

  • Painful Page

    The pain is on my page that calls to the heart
    That beats with the reading of the words
    Intended to enlighten the few who are wise.
    If I worship from those words like the running river,... more »

  • Paint Looms

    Paint looms on me with balance,
    It always shivers as writing sensibly implodes.
    My actions resolve, my thoughts blow the wind
    As an image glides, a picture dies, and folly... more »

  • Pair Of Eyes

    In the palm of your hand a desired maid
    Eludes the pair of eyes that stagger and twitch
    Repulsively to connect the cubes of authority.
    My wish would end if eyes cancelled like ice,... more »

  • Paper Shredded

    To see paper shredded is to doubt the sphere
    And the domain of my laughter in this prison.
    The cells are like the neighbourhood of worry,
    A tanned man will argue with the women of his.... more »

  • Papers

    ... more »

  • Papery Wasp

    Papery wasp
    Bought with painful metals,
    The nest speaks to
    Us in a whirring.... more »

  • Paradise Is In The Heart

    Paradise is in the heart, it is the house of the house,
    We are in peace with the hands of the very heart;
    My loves and likes think along the same regions and legions,
    A lesion of the brain is a leisure of the mind, as... more »

  • Particular Crime

    A disorder is a particle of crime,
    The largest one is in this time;
    Painted by the artists that mind,
    It is disorder criticizing the blind.... more »

  • Partridge

    To assemble a law fitted movements of liars,
    Marriage of the percentage that roared,
    With the ostrich at the back,
    And a house to knock and know;... more »

  • Party

    You must fasten the knot in enough swirl
    To concentrate on a significant pearl.
    This pearl is fastened to a side of a shirt
    And this I wear for time and space to hurt.... more »

  • Party Mind

    This day is a day of spirits,
    My brother
    Sees a bird-like blessing
    As... more »

  • Partying

    Entertaining is a toy, full of joy,
    Mightn’t it rain with cosy friendship.
    Bawdy words come along on the day we met,
    Uncouth manners lead astray the very gaiety.... more »

  • Party-Lad

    You are perceptive, so sensitive to light,
    That it endangers your being and makes calamity.
    Exciting and smelling of jeopardy,
    The night will be seen as dancing of two nights.... more »

  • Passed Away

    The leader has passed away,
    Sadly to say. Why does he be a father?
    It is due to the children’s actions
    And their moments of joy,... more »

  • Passengers

    An energetic flow has emerged for the innocent,
    You are death when in stubbornness;
    Gorgeous pain subsides forming us in splendour,
    The death of a man struggled once more.... more »