• An Alien's Brain

    According to an alien's brain you are a cautious man,
    Love has appeared from the loving arms of creation;
    The brain of a human is full of innocence eloquent,
    Yet their systems are faulty and need repair of rises.... more »

  • An Animal's Marriage

    A parasite lurks with flower and fruit,
    Down in this gnarly cage one ties the knot
    Of matrimony, as the flowers are uprooted
    And the knots are untied for the divorce is allowed.... more »

  • An Appellation

    I find an appellation so ruinous
    That ruin dictates my ruin.
    My appetite for words or names
    Is confident and appealing... more »

  • An Archer

    The archer or guard accompanies a message,
    His commands are beleaguering and foolish;
    Mighty workers of righteousness are fully clothed,
    Their piety is all-accomplishing like a non-liar.... more »

  • An Argument

    The less is the best,
    As of now the least.

    I ask for an argument,... more »

  • An Arrow

    An arrow of laziness spread through the circle;
    And carried in the air, like sold material,
    And fetched by evil spirits who do not live among us.
    I sow the seeds of sky and tundra,... more »

  • An Enlarged Sun

    To enlarge the sun is an apt task,
    Adapting to its glare we steer the oars
    Of our fit bodies that artfully collide.... more »

  • An Excellent Man

    I wish to exonerate the man who is excelling me,
    His deeds never betray him as one muttered a voice
    Inside a voice, whatever the voice.
    I am no liar as a judge, the exonerating,... more »

  • An Illustrator

    The illustrator of modern times deposed his brother,
    Those wasted few deceived one another to begin an era;
    This year the worst year was erupting from the volcano,
    So that beneath the ground was a giant of treasure.... more »

  • An Imagined World

    In countries of your imagination is a charity,
    Positive help is a comedy of sins and drives;
    Most of much is prattled on the living sphere
    Called the energetic world we live in.... more »

  • An Intention

    An intention to maim is running, open to it,
    Listen to the other half, and offer a sacrifice.
    My, your soldier ran into a salary of beauty,
    As one you surprise, bend and button up.... more »

  • An Island

    Where there is an arrow there is thought,
    Inside the island is a disease so welcome,
    These layers of thought are in the mind,
    Opening tragedy and comedy as well.... more »

  • An Old Lake

    An old serene lake talks to me,
    A summer river has accompanied me,
    The light of the moon encapsulates me.... more »

  • An Open Friend

    The Lord is an open friend due to godliness,
    He secures the valleys and towers of truth.
    Pearls enter the soul as statements fly, a soul
    Fries in soup of souls, the Lord defends us.... more »

  • An Unintelligible Cry

    An unintelligible cry cancels the peace,
    Frowning is not needed, it is appalling.
    To a close lane the cries have come,
    Now two cries have been witnessed.... more »

  • An Unique Answer

    Sayings and assets connive together,
    Basing our tasks on the absorber.
    Upstairs an unique answer is awaiting,
    My accumulation of debt is actuating.... more »

  • Ancient Heart

    An ancient straightness is afoot,
    Making thunder where it purrs;
    Massively extensive beasts of pride
    Lurk in this breezy south, in ways always.... more »

  • Ancient Hearts

    Not yet will those ancient hearts be melting again
    When the only days hearts have melted are these;
    Then swearing happens under the course of blues,
    Greens and reds, the primary hues of this planet,... more »

  • Ancient Sight

    His sight was beyond the reason of men,
    An inconspicuous mind housed the treasure of gold
    And silver, and cream, and crowns, and beliefs.... more »

  • Ancient Wishes

    Clear the area of your defence,
    Yet striking freezes young heads
    With the frosty breath, a frightening hurt
    Unleashed by the wishes so wished.... more »

  • And I Died

    ... more »

  • And The Lord

    My solutions exist for love,
    Internal worry has engines,
    Yet we break the code of life,
    As a man beats his chest.... more »

  • And Their Bindery

    He lives among us like a eater of books,
    Strolling with the guards of the laws and works.
    He lived around the road,
    Where they caught the load.... more »

  • And You Know The Time

    And you know the hair that would be a love,
    Never are the stars and moon and sun beheld
    By the lovers of the night, the beloved speaks too hard.... more »

  • Anecdote

    I can report an anecdote in history of geography,
    Inside this misdemeanour is a fortunate occurrence;
    Ghouls and spirits of the dead collide with the heart
    And want hiding for their ill-conceived plans.... more »