• Pillars Of Peace

    Pillars offering praise to longings
    Stand in the way, removing and refusing.
    Remind them for their work on medicine,
    Longer to shut down, long hearts will drop.... more »

  • Pinball

    My own expectations threw the ball,
    How concerted the effort became after the ball.
    The contrary feelings bespoke and beamed on the lungs
    That breathed and forsook the steady fluctuations of the ball.... more »

  • Pint Of Thoughts

    I found a sour pint of milk,
    Flashing and smiling like an act of money.
    Five hundred tubes of milk, sweeter,
    I purchased from the provider of happiness.... more »

  • Pious Beauty

    In beauty is an element of piety,
    The skies open and fall correctly;
    I am the manager of the aspects
    Controlling heaven and all it connects.... more »

  • Pious Ones

    I saw a man so pious that he wept for me
    And this meaning was written in those languages;
    Nothing of medicine and surgery was committed
    On me, for I bleed and am wounded like any man.... more »

  • Pity

    Go where there is pity,
    Then your eyes can master
    A life of luxury, of pain.
    Each of your eyes have praise... more »

  • Pivot

    Pivotal work created magnitude of blessings,
    He was obedient on me ever since.
    The faster you pull the rope, the more you squeeze
    And your grip is reduced to the point of nothingness.... more »

  • Place Of God

    In this place of godly work
    I play, as if tomorrow reclines
    And approaches me, listening always
    For the cure and prosody.... more »

  • Place To Party

    The merriment spreads across the place,
    Capturing like magnetic objects, this is the superior job.
    One languid participant relaxes in the corner,
    Like someone achy and without vigour of the party.... more »

  • Plain Pain

    To describe a plain hamlet is to be in pain
    From this coastland and trade, governing the sweet
    Hills, always asking your pride.
    To describe, we meet each other as artists,... more »

  • Plains Of Arnon

    Juvenile dragons circle the plains of Arnon,
    With lethal breath the trees blaze for some time;
    They are now producing other breaths,
    Obliged to hold their breath for it is fire.... more »

  • Planetary

    ... more »

  • Planetary Laws

    While the planet rocks to the sound of music,
    The rampant arguments are like speeches
    Of speed and singing, the final flair of voices,
    A sudden change in appearances.... more »

  • Planets' Realm

    ... more »

  • Plans From The Heavens

    Reading the heavens creates my earthly home,
    Renting the house is full of the mansions of the day
    And night, light and dark, white and black.
    The visible rays of the star above collapse... more »

  • Plant A Tree

    On another sorrow plant a tree,
    The tree springs to brave quests
    And shakes its powerful tendons
    With a calm salutation of love and ease.... more »

  • Plants Hurt

    If a plant has hurt inside,
    What does it feel?
    Every night it seeps in pleasure,
    Rolling hills have none.... more »

  • Plastic People

    Plastic looked to people as towers were tall,
    The wood has driven away the night
    With few dreams of trees,
    And the stunted growth of living beings... more »

  • Plausible Belief

    The belief is plausible indeed, like the sailing boat
    And the sea gliding beneath, so full of water indeed.
    We obtain water from the clouds at night,
    A city is lit by its own lanterns,... more »

  • Play Most

    I hope to play most
    Hurt the improvement of affairs
    That still examine and link
    I ought to be careful now... more »

  • Playing With The Wolves

    The wolves are out to play when they desire,
    This soul needs comfort to state the reign,
    Our souls are always the same to conspire.... more »

  • Pleasant Heart

    Hearts are a pleasure to behold,
    The pumping of blood is enjoyed
    By those with the life of this world,
    A world so marked with peace.... more »

  • Pleasant Radio

    It was on the first storey and floor on my offered road,
    That glass shook to written pieces, displaying zealots
    That interfered with drunkards of the painful memory.
    Marvellous stations on the radio defeated my dinner,... more »

  • Pleasant Spectacle

    A courageous and pleasant spectacle is abundant,
    The puny sights are tall with a boiling degree of heat.
    I see squarely and fairly the real lights, offered by the reality,
    Offering me some assistance into the steep cliffs.... more »

  • Please Me Now

    There was something harming me
    Not embracing me with kindness.
    My progeny shall weep over my fixed glance
    I held in the picture of my youth.... more »