• Proud Of Virtue

    I must be a proud father to lie down next to ghosts,
    What shall the highest men say to my folly and vice?

    What virtue stings the autocrat in the same vein?... more »

  • Psionics

    Psionics is medicine for the mind
    For the psychologists, for the intelligent.
    A space craft is inside the tortured soul,
    One robot to rule another,... more »

  • Psychotic

    To provoke a river, a river of psychosis,
    Is to madden the puberty of religion;
    I braise a brick of meat with oil to sew
    The rivers of juice into the morsel.... more »

  • Public

    These fallen angels work miracles afterwards,
    Commending the public views and opinions,
    They exaggerate and play on the tongue
    Like the small men and all of the golden trances.... more »

  • Pull The Skin

    Pull the skin as a beauty forming grim,
    Baths tore apart the skin of a forelimb.
    Though labours battle to damn the concert,
    Something collects where he lay with discomfort.... more »

  • Punish With Whips

    Punishment encases my soul with the doctor on the right,
    On the left is the physician of health and happiness.
    On his brow are stitched ideas and impressions,
    So thoughts are travelling.... more »

  • Purchasing Power

    It’s a steal, good value-for-money,
    The reasonableness is evaluated by him.
    His job is to rate the products that harden into being,
    Escaping the authorities, escalating into other products.... more »

  • Pure Gazes

    The pure gaze that last kept me
    Vexed my indoor life as much as anything.
    I collected the old keys and thimbles
    Unlike the odd disasters so played.... more »

  • Pure Imagination

    Pure imagination succumbed to the broadcasters,
    They were not so sleepy in their prime computing;
    The extra sense of sound and light bore evil
    And more polite sport and more underneath this.... more »

  • Pure Pirates

    The food I take is pure,
    Islands of worse shadows are external
    And I match them with worlds that sold a golden piece.... more »

  • Pureness Of Stars

    The stars will reappear, suddenly,
    Just like the sun and its planets.
    The stars embrace me when fatigue appears,
    A dormant spectacle of the stars.... more »

  • Purer Soul

    My mind was pure when I was nothing,
    The house of my soul carried everything;
    And so selflessness extracted a meaning,
    And so doubt never entered the spirit;... more »

  • Purity

    Purity grows from the heart, of the heart,
    Just like the heart it bleeds from pain,
    And it is succinct in its appearance,
    Lots of love are made from it,... more »

  • Purity And Faith

    I want to perfect my purity
    But faith can keep it too.
    To create stars of wizardry
    Requires healing to ensue.... more »

  • Purity Is Paradise

    This purity stains my accepted one,
    Weeping uncovers a double tragedy,
    When we are weak, immovable, and in a slump.
    This pain is overreaching me in its height of life... more »

  • Pursue

    I only pursue those followers who delve
    Into the unknown.
    Their final happiness aroused my anger,
    So that nature was just nature.... more »

  • Pursuing Virtue

    I had never beheld a snake
    That walked upon its belly.
    I saw animals and plants so sudden;
    Outcast and ashamed, I assumed... more »

  • Pursuit Of Strength

    Please exhaust the iron men,
    If strength means oblivion;
    The roads of philosophy are few,
    But their ideas stride forward,... more »

  • Put The Moon In My Body

    Put the moon in my body, in jars of torahs,
    As suns no longer contain data spreading finitely.
    My longing is righteous as the clowns pass
    Their tests, those of the worshippers make humid... more »

  • Puzzle Solved

    Forming a puzzle in front of my vision,
    I have quests and solutions for them;
    The inspiration from the Devil is immense,
    Strict peace is observed without him.... more »

  • Quality Of Hell For The Non-Believers

    ... more »

  • Quality Of Life

    ... more »

  • Queen Of Words

    The queen of the day is a mine or world,
    The wordy person is a richer mayhem,
    Those perpetrating sin are collected in sums.... more »

  • Quelling

    The dark uncorked blessing those innocents,
    Yelling became devastating after the thieves invaded.
    To quell them made a station on the pass,
    One channel made burden and forks in the roads.... more »

  • Questions About A Fairy

    I shake from the heavens as I glance at the teeth
    Of a fair man, his face is like the brightest blue.

    I see a fairy in the midst of the marketplace,... more »